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Virginia Overview

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Click on the above buttons or use the menu options in the left column to successfully test with CTECS. 

New for SY2016-17

  • Now you can submit a quick and easy Purchaser's Contract webform to get started with CTECS (required annually).
  • CTECS is offering ONE additional Retake so that now each student may take the Pre-Test, the Official Test, and up to Two Retakes each year, or until the student passes the exam.
  • New look and feel of the online E-SESS testing system. 
  • Additional teaching resources from CTE Resource Center. 


Virginia is a charter member of CTECS and CTECS is proud to serve as the assessment provider for the CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment© (also referred to as the WRS Assessment©, the WRS Test©, or the WRS Retakes©), our most popular assessment, created under the strong leadership and vision of the Department of Career and Technical Education Services, Virginia Department of Education. Read about CTECS' role in the creation of these skills as part of the 2010 Workplace Readiness Skills initiative in Virginia. CTECS also supported the creation of the current skills list by supplying research for the Technology Skills area.