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Dear Virginia Test Site Administrators,
On behalf of CTECS, we hope this email finds you safe and well in these trying times that we are all experiencing with COVID-19.
Since the Governor of Virginia closed all schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year, the WRS testing portal (E-SESS) has been temporally closed. The CTECS staff is working diligently to find alternative ways to administer the Workplace Readiness Skills assessment.
Please be patient as we will update you as soon as we have new information.
In the meantime, whether you are using the WRS as a summative test or not, there has never been a better time for student-centered, self-paced learning. Please use CTECS FREE instructional materials during this new phase of instruction. You can access all of our materials, quizzes, and resources related to Workplace Readiness Skills at
Please stay safe and healthy and look for an update from us soon.

For instructional modules:

Testing can begin as early as August 12. Summer testing will end July 31, 2020. Combined, these two periods are considered SY2019-20 for which all results are reported. During this time students will have a maximum of three chances (up to two retakes) to pass the WRS Post-Test. 

Click on the above buttons or use the menu options in the left column to successfully test with CTECS. 

Click here to read the Welcome Back letter, which states most of the following.

Reminders for SY2019-20

Logging into E‐SESS is different beginning SY2019-20. E-SESS now offers a way to log in and see all previous years, if you were formerly linked to any.

  1. Follow the link provided in the email message after you submit your TSA webform.
  2. Enter the username name provided in the email message in the User Name field.
  3. Enter the password in the Password field.

Once logged in for the first time, you should change your password. Then you will be able to choose from among different years. The "Active" list always includes the most recent/current year.

  • New Instructional Resources are available to help prepare students to pass the test. The new WRS site is up and running here: WRS Resources site. Modules with vocabulary are linked to each skill, available here:
  • Sample questions are available here: SY2019-20 Sample Questions, but also linked interactively through the "Practice" portion of the WRS site.
  • The new WRS site continues to evolve, and we welcome your interaction and feedback. Send us your success stories and your lessons, activities, and ideas that work. You can do this directly through the comments section on the "Teach" portion of the site.
  • Complete the Purchaser's Contract webform to set up your 2019-20 account.
  • Complete the online Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form.
  • Enroll students and generate test tickets completely on your own. Don’t forget to identify students who require accommodations.
  • Credit card payments are also now accepted. 


Types of tests that CTECS offers Virginia:

All tests currently available have been listed below with descriptions and prices.

Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment

Cost per form of test:

  • Pre-Test (optional): $7
  • Post-Test: $10
  • Retake: $10
  • Second Retake: $10

100-item, multiple-choice

60-minute timed test

Standard of mastery: 75% (except for the Pre-Test which does not have a standard of mastery)

See the Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment under Services for more. Click Purchase/Ordering to get started with testing.












Virginia is a charter member of CTECS and CTECS is proud to serve as the assessment provider for the CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment© (also referred to as the WRS Assessment©, the WRS Test©, or the WRS Retakes©), our most popular assessment, created under the strong leadership and vision of the Department of Career and Technical Education Services, Virginia Department of Education. Read about CTECS' role in the creation of these skills as part of the 2010 Workplace Readiness Skills initiative in Virginia.