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Student Registration

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Option 1: The Instant Enrollment (preferred method)

Test site administrators can log into their E-SESS account and enroll their own students as well as make changes to student data within the E-SESS system. All test site administrators have access to menu options that will allow them to:

  • Import their students (participants), using the Student Registration form –Test site administrators will complete the Student Registration form and import the student data. Once the student data is successfully imported, Test tickets are immediately available. Go to Participants - Test Tickets to generate the test ticket report.
  • Add New (add individual students)  – This feature allows test site administrators to add individual students (participants) quickly on an as-needed basis. (use Participants menu, Add New)
  • Edit student data on an as-needed basis - This feature allows test site administrators to edit student data to correct errors or update records. (see Participants menu, Edit Existing)

Please refer to this publication for detailed instructions on using E-SESS:  Using your E-SESS Administrator Account.


Option 2: Upload Student Registration form to CTECS for processing

Note!  Allow several business days if you use this process. 

  1. Download and save the Student Registration form
  2. Complete the Student Registration form with all of the student data.
  3. Use the secure upload form below to upload the Student Registration form to CTECS for processing. You will receive an email message once the students are enrolled and test tickets are available. Log into E-SESS and generate the Test Tickets Report.

Detailed Instructions:

Completing and Saving the Student Registration Form

Open the Excel file and complete each column of information. Instructions for completing each column may be found on the second "sheet" in the Excel file.

Specifications for File Name 

Title the file (Excel spreadsheet) containing the student registration data and save it on your computer. Name the file by including the Contract Number and last name of the test site administrator. For example, "4444-Smith.xls"

If you upload more than one spreadsheet, please number them consecutively so that we can identify a specific file, if necessary

Submitting the Student Registration Form

Submit the Student Registration form by uploading it through the secure upload form below. Complete and save the file, then click the Upload Files button. You will see a confirmation message indicating the files were uploaded OR you will receive an error message if the file(s) did not upload.