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Test Policy

The official test may be taken by a student once per school year. Once the student passes, he/she should not be registered to take the test again. If the student fails the assessment, he/she may be registered to take one Retake.

Retake Policy

CTECS allows students who do not pass the test to take the Retake one time within any school year. Retakes must be taken at least 14 calendar days after taking the Test.

Test Interruptions

The assessment must be completed in one, 60-minute session, unless a school emergency interrupts the testing period. If there is a test interruption and a student needs to complete the test on another day, the student must log in and finish the test within TWO (2) school days of the initial start date. See the list below for examples of school and personal emergencies that may qualify as an interruption.

  • Fire alarms
  • Power outage
  • Safety evacuation due to inclement weather
  • Sudden illness of student

Students with a Disability (SWD)

See Student Registration. If testing time is added for SWD through the student registration process, CTECS' policies do not change. It is the responsibility of the school and test site administrator to provide adequate time and space to allow for extended test times. Test times cannot be split over multiple sittings or periods, as this would jeopardize the validity and security of the test.

Credits and Refunds

Credits and refunds are NOT available regardless of reason. 

Testing Materials

  • If you, as the test site administrator, have selected proctors, be sure they have a copy of the Proctor Guide and the E-SESS Online Test Instructions.
  • See Testing Materials for more.