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Beginning December 14, 2016, you can use all major credit cards to pay for CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment or any CTECS end-of-program assessment. Please follow the procedures below to pay for assessments using a credit card:

1. Set up your account by submitting the online webform as usual.
2. Request an invoice provided with a link to pay by credit card.
3. Call/email Dana Wilson at CTECS (404-994-6536 / to request the linked invoice or to directly process your order. Please note that there will be a 3 percent fee charged for each credit card transaction/invoice total. If you would like to reduce the fee to just $0.50 per invoice/transaction, have Dana set up an ACH/bank transfer. The standard option of paying by check is still available.


From the 2018 Community of Practice Meeting in Sacramento, California


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