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Virginia WRS Data Verification Form

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CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment

Data Verification Response Form for SY 2019-2020

Instructions for generating the Assessment Enrollment report

Virginia WRS Data Verification Form

1 - Provide the requested information below.

Typically this is the person that has an E-SESS account and password. If you are not the official Test Site Administrator, please provide the test site administrator's name in the space below. This individual's account will be used to verify data if a discrepancy was found.

2 - Agree or disagree with the totals.

I have generated the Assessment Enrollment report for data verification by following the instructions provided by CTECS and agree that the figures for the total pre-tests, WRS tests, and retakes are correct.

If you answered “yes” and submit this form, you are completely done with the data verification process and we thank you for testing with CTECS.

If you answer “no” you will be contacted by CTECS staff member, Robyn Marshall, to resolve any discrepancies.

3 - Submit the form.