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Test Site Administration

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Test Site Administrator (TSA) Guide

TSA Process

Assign the Test Site Administrator

Once the contract number is received from CTECS, the test site administrator should be assigned. He/she does so by clicking on this page and completing and submitting the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form. This only needs to be done once each school year unless there is a change in the assigned test site administrator after the year has begun.

The Test Site Administrator

  • is the primary administrator  for all testing-related questions within any school division
  • is the point of contact for CTECS
  • must register all students for the test
  • must complete and submit the following forms:
  • may choose to also be the testing proctor but, if not, must appoint all proctors within the division, providing each with the Proctor Guide.
  • is the responsible authority for overseeing WRS testing operations at any school division and ensures the division follows CTECS’ policies and procedures to the letter (see Policies)
  • ensures IT requirements are met well in advance of the test day
  • secures E-SESS administrator login and password (please avoid sharing this information with others)
  • works with the E-SESS system to generate test tickets and distribute tickets to appropriate personnel
  • ensures that all proctors, teachers, and students have information about and access to appropriate testing materials
  • generates summative reports and certificates for his/her school division
  • verifies results to CTECS for the Virginia Department of Education Report Card after the test is administered (see Data Verification).