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Test Characteristics

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WRS Pre-Test and WRS Test Characteristics

  • Web-based (online) delivery through the E-SESS system in a proctored environment (teachers may NOT proctor their own students)
  • 100-question, multiple-choice test
  • One-hour window for completion (see extended time exceptions in Policies)
  • Passing score of 75 percent or higher (validated using the Modifed-Angoff Cut-Score methodology earns the test taker an official certificate (for WRS Test and Retake only)
  • Test site administrators have instant access to results upon completion
  • Test takers who do not pass the official WRS Test are eligible for up to two WRS Retakes (students who pass cannot retake the test for any reason). All standard requirements are identical for each of the WRS Retakes and the official WRS Test, including the passing score.
  • There is no software to install. For all other basic technical requirements, please click IT Requirements.

Forms of the WRS Test

  • WRS Pre-Test—an unofficial test in the same format as the official WRS Test that allows educators to set baselines and students to prepare for the actual test. Test items differ from those on the official WRS Test. Students must wait at least 10 days between the WRS Pre-Test and the WRS Test.
  • WRS Test—the official test taken the first time that validates competency in each skill within a comprehensive score.
  • WRS Retake #1—the second attempt to pass the official test that uses the same items. Test takers MUST wait at least 14 calendar days between the WRS Test and the WRS Retake.
  • WRS Retake #2—the third attempt to pass the official test that uses the same items. Test takers MUST wait at least 14 days after failing the first WRS Retake before they may take the second.

WRS proctors and test site administrators are asked to follow every step of the process to ensure a positive assessment experience.

Form of Test


WRS Pre-Test


WRS Test


WRS Retakes (up to two)