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Student Registration

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Before the test site administrator completes this stage of the process, he/she must

Typically, the test site administrator will receive their E-SESS account login information a day or so after submission of the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form. Then student enrollment can begin. The test site administrator must use this Student Registration form Download this form and and save it locally. 

IMPORTANT!  There are two options for enrolling students! The Instant Enrollment option is strongly preferred. Please go directly to E-SESS and log in. This option gives you more control and the ability to make changes to your student data. Refer to the CTECS Test Site Administrator Guide and especially the Using your E-SESS Administrator Account publication for detailed information and step-by-step instructions. 

Completing and Saving the Student Registration Form

Virginia secondary (high school) students who are enrolled in or who have completed a state-approved career and technical education course may take the CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment© to satisfy the industry certification graduation requirement for the Standard Diploma. This includes students who have taken an approved CTE course in a previous school year but are not currently enrolled in a CTE course. See the Virginia DOE CTE Course Codes link below for approved codes. 

Complete each column of information on the Student Registration form. Detailed instructions for completing each column are contained on the Instructions tab/sheet in the file itself. Refer to the following two documents for school division names and codes, school names and codes, and course codes. Entries on the spreadsheet must be an exact match to the information in these documents.

New OPTIONAL-Tech Ctr/Academy field! If you would like to be able to filter reports in E-SESS by one or more of your tech centers and/or academies, add the column name "OPTIONAL-Tech Ctr/Academy"  to the Student Registration form and enter the tech center/academy names. 
Pre-test Note: On un-selecting ordered Pre-Tests, a reminder! If you have registered students for the Pre-Tests, but fail to use them, remember to delete them from the student records.The system will not allow you to jump the order of your scheduled tests, so it will always default to the Pre-Test if one was ordered for that student, until it is completed. If you would like CTECS to remove all unused pre-tests for your division/school, please contact us. Another important step: As your students login to test, make sure they are taking the appropriate version.


If you will register students following the “former enrollment” option, follow the instructions below. 


Former Enrollment Process

  1. The Student Registration form is downloaded from CTECS and saved locally.
  2. The Student Registration form is completed and saved under a specific file name. See below for Detailed Instructions for Completing and Saving the Student Registration form.
  3. The Student Registration form is submitted by uploading it through CTECS’ secure upload. See below for Detailed Instructions for Submitting the Student Registration form and for the File Upload Function.
  4. CTECS completes the upload to E-SESS and, when finished, sends an email to the test site administrator with login information.
  5. The test site administrator uses the login information to enter the E-SESS system, generates test tickets, and prints the Test Tickets Report.
  6. Test site administrators are asked to check this report against their submitted records in advance of the test day. Note: Use this same process to view student scores and other reports.

Very important: Allow up to six business days after you upload the Student Registration form before scheduling testing at your site.

Specifications for File Name 

Save your Student Registration form with the following file name combination:

                Contract number + Test site administrator's last name

                Example: 1007-Smith.xls

Most test site administrators will be uploading more than one Student Registration form. Please add a number after the last name and number them consecutively so that we can identify a specific file, if necessary.

                Example: 1007-Smith-1

If re-uploading a form that was returned for corrections, add "corr" to the file name.

                Example: 1007corr-Smith-1.xls.

Submitting the Student Registration Form

Submit the Student Registration form by uploading it through the secure upload below. Complete and save the file, then click the Upload Files button. You will see a confirmation message indicating the files were uploaded OR you will receive an error message if the files were not sent correctly.

Note:  For those who upload forms only to realize that it is not correct or incomplete, or other changes are required, please contact for further instructions.