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Data Verification

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In coordination with the Virginia Department of Education, Office of Career and Technical Education Services, CTECS provides an easy method for test site administrators to verify the testing data for their students. This information is required by the Virginia Department of Education to be added as data points to the Virginia School Report Card. CTECS issues a courtesy reminder to test site administrators as that deadline approaches.

  • Verification deadline for standard testing year: June 30, 2022
  • Verification deadline for extended (summer) testing schedule: July 31, 2022

If you have testing numbers to verify for both the standard school year and summer testing, please verify only once, by August 1. If you, as the test site administrator, will NOT be verifying the data for your school/division, please have the responsible individual sign up as a TSA under your contract number to complete the verification. 

Please refer to the VDOE for other questions about verification and assessment results. 

CTECS strongly urges you to verify the student test data immediately after all testing is completed. After the data verification period closes, all WRS data will be considered final for the school year’s WRS test administration.


To Verify Data

Go to the E-SESS Online Assessment System.

Log into E-SESS by entering your E-SESS test site administrator login information and access the Assessment Enrollment report.

Note: If you have forgotten your E-SESS login information, please contact Robyn Marshall at

Your response should be sent through the Data Verification Response form.

Instructions for completing the Data Verification Response form

  1. Provide the contact information requested in Section 1.
  2. If you agree with the accuracy of the data on the report, select “yes” in Section 2 and proceed to Section 3 to submit the form to CTECS.
  3. If you disagree with the data on the report, click “no” in Section 2 and proceed to Section 3 to submit the form to CTECS. Note: If you answer “no,” you will be contacted by a CTECS staff member to resolve any discrepancies.
  4. Submit the form. Press the Submit button to send the form to CTECS.