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TCSG Overview

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In December of 2010, CTECS began working with the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG).  CTECS was asked to serve as the third-party assessment developer for an articulation assessment project.  These articulation assessments were to be developed and administered for several course level assessments being used to award post-secondary credit to secondary students that have taken an equivalent course at the high school level. The vision behind this initiative can be summarized in the following five goals:
  1. Identify instructional/curriculum gaps
  2. Increase number of students utilizing articulated credit
  3. Adjust Secondary pedagogy to TCSG expectations
  4. Improve transition process for students from high school to college
  5. Decrease duplication of coursework
Since embarking on this project, CTECS has aided TCSG in the development of 14 articulation assessments for specific courses.  Six of the assessments have been piloted and went live for system-wide credit in December of 2012. The other eight courses went into the pilot stage and were field tested in spring 2013 and 2014.  
These articulation assessments are developed from the competencies and learning outcomes for each postsecondary course where there is a Georgia Department of Education equivalent.  
These tests, administered by high school coordinators who are employed by TCSG, are given to secondary students who have taken the secondary education course. 
Articulation Assessments Currently Available
TCSG Course # Course Name Cut Score
ACCT 1100 Financial Accounting I 75%
ALHS 1040 Introduction to Healthcare 70%
COFC 1010 Introduction to Construction 70%
COMP 1000 Introduction to Computers 73%
CUUL 1000 Culinary Art 79%
ECCE 1101 Intro to Early Childhood Care & Education 79%
MKTG 1100 Principles of Marketing 76%
WELD 1000 Intro to Welding Technology 73%
Dianne Lassai Barker is the TCSG liaison for this work. Please contact her with questions.
    Dianne Lassai Barker
    Secondary Education Initiatives State Coordinator
    Technical College System of Georgia
    1800 Century Place, Suite 400
    Atlanta, GA 30345-4304
Test-Administration Process
Contact Dianne Barker (above). Ms. Barker will handle student registration and other aspects of the process. However, individual high school coordinators are asked to 
  1. Assign the test site administrator (HS coordinator) by having that person submit the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form

  2. Once the high school coordinator has been acknowledged by CTECS, he/she can begin registering students. After a student registration form is uploaded to CTECS, CTECS staff will enroll the students in E-SESS, the online testing system. 

  3. The test site administrator (HS coordinator) will receive an email with E-SESS login instructions when the students have been enrolled.  

  4. Test tickets are then distributed appropriately and students log into E-SESS to take the assessment in a proctored environment.