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Which tests are available from CTECS?
Architecture and Construction
Architectural Design, Mechanical Design, Building Construction Cluster, Carpentry, Electricity, HVAC Technology, and Masonry
Business Management and Administration
Administrative Services, Business Information Management, General Management, and Operations Management (pilot)
Accounting and Business Finance
Information Technology (IT)
Information Support and Services, Networking Systems, Computer Programming with C++, and Computer Programming with Visual Basic
Marketing Communications, Marketing Management, and Merchandising 
How many questions are on the tests? 85
How long do students have to take the test? One hour (exception: Electricity, 1.5 hours, NEC book required) See Question #9.
What are the technology requirements for testing lab? IT Checklist (REQUIRED) 
Who should I contact if I have questions or issues? Tim Withee 404-994-6535 or
Is a sample test provided? Yes--for many, but not all of the tests.
Are sample test items provided?
The available practice tests are 25 questions in length and give a sample of what the questions on the actual test might look like.  
Site URL:
Org. South Carolina CATE
First Sample
Last Sample
Password: CATE14
The sample tests will show a grade and results by the standard at the end of the test, but none of the scores are kept. All that is necessary to access the practice test is the sample test ticket above. Once you enter the ticket info you will be able to select the practice test that aligns to your program.
Completing the practice test is also a good check to make sure your computers meet the technical requirements. Be sure to complete the IT requirements before trying any of the practice tests.
Are teachers allowed to administer/proctor the tests? No
Is there a proctor guide? Yes. Rules are included in the Proctor Guide link on this site:  /sites/default/files/files/SC/CATE%20TSA%20Proctor%20Guide.pdf
How do test administrators/-proctors advise you of accommodations needed by students, as required in students’ IEPs, for example? The CTECS Test Site Administrator at each school or center should contact Tim Withee at CTECS ( or 404-994-6535 prior to testing date to request accommodations for a completer taking a test.
What accommodations do you routinely provide for individual students? Extending the time a student has to complete a test; reading a test to a student in a separate setting
What are the dates for test administration during the 2016 spring test window? April 4-June 3, 2016
When are results available?
Students see raw scores upon completion of test; CTECS Test Site Administrators can access test reports once all students have completed a test. 
Who receives test results? CTECS Test Site Administrators can run individual student and CATE program reports. Each test question is tied to a course/program curriculum standard.
What are the cut scores for the test(s)?
Administrative Services–70% 
Architectural Design–65%
Building Construction Cluster–55%
Business Finance - 76%
Business Information Management - 64%
Computer Programming w/C++ - 78%
Computer Programming w/Visual Basic  - 70%
General Management–55%
HVAC Technology–56%
Information Support and Services - 61%
Marketing Communications–65%
Marketing Management–61%
Mechanical Design–65%
Merchandising - 64%
Networking Systems - 75%