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It is your responsibility as the test site administrator to ensure that you or individuals who are proctoring the virtual tests make students fully aware of the rules to ensure a safe and equitable testing experience. Failure to comply with the test site administrator agreement form or any of the guidelines and rules hereby set forth will result in the student's test being invalidated, and the student will not be allowed to test again with CTECS.

The first step after completing the purchaser’s contract is to make sure you have completed the TSA agreement form.

Tips to help TSAs:

  • Date(s) must be scheduled with CTECS and test takers. Tests must be administered between 9am and 5pm EDT on weekdays. The more specific you can be on testing times, the better.
  • When you order testing, please note the price difference with Fully Automated Remote Testing. 
  • Complete the student registration form and be sure to enter “FAT” or "IST" in the field.
  • If you wish to change a student from the Fully Automated Remote Testing method to in-school testing, the student's record in E-SESS must be edited and the entry in the Proctor Type field, changed. Refer to this document for instructions to change the proctor type.
  • There is no synchronous proctor, but the video monitors and records student behavior. Tests flagged for suspicious activity are subject to review by CTECS staff and school officials.

Take a sample test, using the Fully Automated Remote Testing method

Go to and enter the following information:

Org: Virginia WRS
First Name: Video
Last Name: Video
Password: Video


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