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Oregon Overview

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Oregon teachers can now offer their students the CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills (WRS) Assessment© (also referred to as the WRS Assessment©, the WRS Test©, or the WRS Retakes©).

Successful completion earns students a credential based on current, research-based mindsets and behavioral skill requirements for success in any career. Students earn this credential to complement a portfolio of technical and academic achievements and to ensure that they are prepared to enter the workforce or postsecondary opportunity. The current skills list and instructional resources can be found here:

In addition, CTECS works with six regions but not the entire state of Oregon, making it a partnership state. We have developed and implemented some 65 assessments in about 30 program areas. 

Ready to Test Your Students? Here's how:

WRS Pricing per test: Pre-Test $12 | Post-Test $15 | Retakes $15
Please contact us to get your contract number. 
Please see our CTECS Support Contacts for appropriate live connections during business hours.
Please go to Testing Materials for information on Proctoring and Student Testing Directions.
Follow the links in the left navigation column for more information on the following:
  1. To order, click the Account Setup & Ordering link and follow the steps to set up an assessment purchasing account. Once the account has been set up, you will receive a contract number from CTECS to use when registering students and assigning your test site administrator. 

  2. Assign the test site administrator by having that person submit the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form

  3. Once the test site administrator has been acknowledged by CTECS, he/she can begin registering students. After a student registration form is uploaded to CTECS, CTECS staff will enroll the students in E-SESS, the online testing system. 

  4. The test site administrator will receive an email with E-SESS login instructions when the students have been enrolled. Then the test site administrator can log into E-SESS to generate and print test tickets (vouchers)

  5. Test tickets are then distributed appropriately and students log into E-SESS to take the assessment in a proctored environment.


For all other Oregon CTECS assessments, please contact Tim Withee for purchasing information,, 404-994-6535.


Reminders for SY2021-22
  • When new test site administrators are added to E-SESS, they are sent an email message with a temp password and instructions to create a new one.
  • New Instructional Resources are available to help prepare students to pass the test. The new WRS site is up and running here: WRS Resources site. Modules with vocabulary are linked to each skill, available here:
  • Sample questions are available here: Sample Questions, but also linked interactively through the "Practice" portion of the WRS site.
  • The new WRS site continues to evolve, and we welcome your interaction and feedback. Send us your success stories and your lessons, activities, and ideas that work. You can do this directly through the comments section on the "Teach" portion of the site.
  • Once logged into ESESS, you can enroll students and generate test tickets completely on your own. Don’t forget to identify students who require accommodations.
  • Credit card payments are also now accepted. 


Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment

Cost per form of test: 

  • Pre-Test (optional): $12
  • Post-Test: $15
  • Retake: $15
  • Second Retake: $15

100-item, multiple-choice

60-minute timed test

Standard of mastery: 75% (except for the Pre-Test which does not have a standard of mastery)

See the Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment under Services for more.