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WRS Teaching Resources

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For our original instructional modules:

For emerging instructional modules:

We have also created a new WRS Resources site and we invite your comments in the blog sections. 


Verso (Virginia)

Instructional and curriculum material is available through the Virginia CTE Resource Center at

1. Go here:

2. Search for and click on your course.

3. Click on any of the first 21 tasks in your task list and scroll to "Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills."


The ESCR Website (Nevada)

Visit the CTE - ESCR website:

Click here to watch the ESCR Lessons movie.

Since Nevada adopted the Workplace Readiness Skills (WRS) from Virginia, which are called ESCR standards in Nevada, CTECS is pleased to offer the Consortium the Nevada resources for teaching the 21 WRS, through the CTE–ESCR website. By completing the lessons, students should be able to identify the WRS in various settings and be able to apply a proactive approach to improving their “soft” or “employability” skills.

In an effort to get all students ready for the next step, as of April 2013, all high school students in Nevada must, in addition to completing a Career and Technical Education program of study assessment, pass a test on the 21 ESCR standards to receive a state certificate of attainment. The ESCR website and lesson plans were created to provide a definition of the standards and resources for teachers and students.