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IT Requirements

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LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser is required for delivering assessments in Nevada CTE. LockDown Browser must be installed on all devices participants will use for taking assessments. ChromeOS does not have a direct link; the installation instructions have all the information needed for installation on ChromeOS.

1.  Click on the appropriate link below to download the LockDown Browser software.

2. Install LockDown Browser by following screen prompts. You will need admin rights to install.
3. Once the software is successfully installed, it will lock down the browser window used by the student when he/she logs into an assessment. Follow these instructions to run the Sample Test. 
  • Sample Test

Go to

Make the following entries into the four blanks:

Organization: Nevada CTE

First Name: sample

Last Name: sample

Password: sample

Click Log In

Check the box to agree to statements.

Click Begin.  You should see the browser window lock down.  

4. All programs and browser windows should be closed before students log into assessments. 


In order for the testing process to go smoothly, the IT requirements must be met. That said, the IT requirements are standard across today's popular IT hardware and software tools. 

IT System Specifications Details

  • Browser: The testing program is supported for participants on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari on currently supported platforms for those browsers. For Administrators - Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari on currently supported platforms.
  • Reporting: In some cases, in-browser reports are augmented with spreadsheet and/or PDF documents. Excel (or compatible) and a PDF reader (such as Acrobat Reader) are optional but not required. 
  • Audio: Using the audio feature requires additional bandwidth; you may notice slower response times during testing. CTECS recommends using hard-wired computer Internet connections. Audio is played using HTML 5 technology. 
  • Display Properties: The testing program is best viewed at 1024 x 768 display resolution or higher. It will work at 800 x 600.
  • Bandwidth: The bandwidth recommendation is a T1 line for every 150 simultaneous users. The T1 may be able to serve additional students; however, student populations greater than 150 per site have not been tested and confirmed by TFI. Bandwidth may be an issue if the connections are not "dedicated."
  • Memory: There are no specific requirements for the CPU, RAM, etc. If the machine will run the browser, the E-SESS application will run.
  • Firewalls and server settings: Content is accessed through Media (images and audio) are served  through via the AWS CloudFront service. Please ensure your location is not blocking these domains or services.

Use this checklist to be sure computer settings are correct: IT Checklist for Administering CTECS Assessments.pdf

If there are issues during testing, refer to these troubleshooting documents: