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Nevada Overview

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Nevada Dept. of Education

For the Workplace Readiness Skills instructional modules:

CTECS began one of its most ambitious programs of work with Nevada in 2012. After initially developing seven secondary CTE program areas, development encompassed creating standards and assessment for each program area. In 2013 we completed work on twenty-five program areas. Our focus in process has been to help Nevada change the way the entire state views the CTE program areas. Ultimately, CTECS will help Nevada develop nearly 70 end-of-program assessments, used statewide.

In order to do this, CTECS used technical advisory committees (TACs) composed of secondary teachers, postsecondary faculty, and business/industry professionals. Using CTECS protocols, the TACs developed and validated program standards. These standards were then reviewed and approved by the Nevada State Board of Education. Once approved, the standards became the driving force for the curriculum and instruction.

Within each program area, CTECS used industry surveys of the standards to develop assessment blueprints. Each area’s assessment development goes through pilot testing, item analysis, and cut-score setting before assessments are launched. Once live, the test is delivered to all program completers in the state.

In addition, Nevada has officially adapted the CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment© (also referred to as the WRS Assessment©, the WRS Test©, or the WRS Retakes©), originally developed for Virginia.

CTECS Technical Support Contacts

For information regarding the administration of CTECS assessments, from ordering to giving the exams, see the State of Nevada Department of Education, Career & Technical Education website.

For more on testing statistics, please see the Nevada CTE Assessment page.