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CTECS has partnered with the Technological Fluency Institute (TFI) to deliver online technical assessments. With TFI’s E-SESS™ engine, testing has never been simpler.

Technological Fluency Institute is the company who owns and maintains E-SESS™, the online assessment system used by CTECS to offer all of its assessments and data reports to students and administrators. 

E-SESS™is the online testing tool of choice for CTECS and many other companies. TFI provides CTECS with excellent customer service in providing a simple solution for intuitive online testing. E-SESS™ includes

  • instant, standards-based results
  • aggregate and disaggregate performance data
  • statistical data on individual items and comprehensive assessments.

If test site administrators encounter issues during testing, refer to these troubleshooting documents: E-SESS Technical Difficulties Tips - IT staff.docx and E-SESS Technical Difficulties Tips and Solutions.docx

The E-SESS administrator link is here: