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1. What is the cut score or s​tandard for mastery for the CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills (WRS) Assessment?

For the WRS: 75%. For standard of mastery on the TSAs, see the Maine Overview page.

2. May teachers proctor their own students?

No, this could jeopardize test security. You agree to these terms when signing the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form.

3. Must test proctors sign a Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form?

No, only the test site administrators sign agreement forms. A test site administrator can identify and use several proctors. 

4. May teachers take the exam?

No. This could jeopardize test security. You agree to these terms when signing the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form.

5. Is there a practice test (pre-test) for this exam?

Yes. A different set of items appears on a WRS Pre-Test, administered in exactly the same manner as the official WRS (Post) Test.

6. Will the student receive a certificate for passing this exam?

Yes. Test site administrators can print a CTECS WRS certificate for all passing students directly from their E-SESS accounts. The certificate applies only to the official WRS Test or WRS Retakes, NOT the WRS Pre-Test. If you have trouble with this, contact us.

7. Do you offer refunds or credits for this assessment?

Important! Be sure the information on the PO is accurate. No refunds or credits are provided. No exceptions. You must test the students listed on the Student Registration (enrollment) form, which produces individual test tickets. Swapping out student names is prohibited. 

8. Do you offer paper/pencil tests? 

No. The WRS Assessment is online only.

9. Are there resources available to aid in studying for the WRS exam?

Both instructional and curriculum material are available through

10. What testing accommodations are allowed for students with disabilities?

Refer to the Policies page.


Student Registration Questions

11. How much time is required between registering students and the actual testing dates?

Allow up to six (6) business days after the Student Registration form is uploaded to CTECS. Three days is a more standard duration, provided there are no problems with the student registration information.

12. What is the CTECS assessment policy? May a student take the assessment more than one time?

Important! A student may NOT take the WRS Pre-Test MORE THAN ONCE during a school year. A student may take ONLY one WRS Test and up to two WRS Retakes during the school year, if he/she has not passed. 

There are NO exceptions to this policy.

The WRS Test and WRS Retakes CANNOT be used in lieu of the WRS Pre-Test. The WRS Pre-Test is designed to be a practice test. The WRS Test is NOT a practice test.

13. What if I need to make changes to the student information after the students are enrolled in E-SESS?

Please do your best to verify the accuracy of student registration information before uploading the registration form to CTECS. If you notice spelling or other errors, please send an email to CTECS with the specific changes noted. Corrections will be made. Please be aware that testing may be delayed if last-minute changes are requested.

14. How long do I have to test students once they are enrolled in E-SESS?

Typically, tickets are available in E-SESS until the end of June.  

15. If I register students for the WRS Pre-Test, are they automatically enrolled in the official WRS Test?

No. Students must be registered separately for each form of the test.

16. If I have a student who cannot use the test ticket assigned to him/her, can I substitute another student on the unused test ticket?

No. Student testing numbers and our tracking data is personalized for each registered student. We cannot substitute/replace new student information for a ticket to which he/she was not originally assigned. New students must be properly registered and assigned their own test tickets. 

17. How can I ensure that I receive e-mail messages regarding E-SESS login information and student enrollment?

When your students are enrolled or your administrator account is initially set up in E-SESS, an automatic email message is sent. Make sure that you can receive email from (our online test provider). Add this address to the "safe sender/never block list" in your email program or ask the IT staff to make sure that messages from this sender are not blocked.


Administering the Test

18. Must students click the “Save Answer” button then the “Next” button when taking the assessment?

Answers are automatically saved every three to five clicked answers, so once the answer is selected, students can click the Next button to view the next question.

19. May students begin the test, stop, then finish the test later? 

No, testing time cannot be chunked unless a school emergency interrupts the testing period. Refer to the Policies

20. May students use calculators when taking the exam?

Yes, they may use the calculator provided on the assessment screen.

21. How does the text-to-speech (audio) feature work (Audio is only offered with the CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment)?

The audio feature is only available for use by Limited English Proficiency Students (LEP) or Students With a Disability (SWD) and will not be available on the test unless the student was registered to receive Accommodations on the Student Registration form. Headphones should be provided. The student must click on the speaker icon to hear the audio. Using the audio feature requires additional bandwidth, so slower response times may occur during testing. CTECS recommends using hard-wired Internet connections. The selected media player may also need to be updated.