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Virtual Proctoring Overview

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CTECS is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a virtual proctoring option for CTECS assessments, which include both end-of-program and Workplace Readiness Skills!

CTECS virtual proctoring will enable students to test in their home learning environment. The checks and balances CTECS has put in place will allow students to prepare for a successful testing experience. Virtual proctoring will not replace a traditional proctored test, but is being offered due to the extenuating circumstances with COVID-19 because traditional lab space is not available. The virtual proctoring system works seamlessly with E-SESS with which test site administrators and students are already familiar.

Virtual Proctored Testing Process Overview

  1. Confirm IT requirements.
  2. Register students (unless already enrolled)
  3. Schedule testing--Identify the day(s) when your students will test. Tests may be taken Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm EDT.
  4. Confirm student checklist--students must complete the checklist to verify testing can occur.
  5. Email test tickets--on test day, send the students their test tickets.
  6. Test students

Get Started by going to Virtual Proctored Test Scheduling & Student Registration!