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Testing Materials

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There are several documents that must be used for testing. These documents should be downloaded at least two weeks prior to testing by the test site administrator.  The links to the documents are given below. The test site administrator must be sure that all proctors have a copy of the Proctor Guide and the E-SESS Online Test Instructions.

Documentation and information for the testing process:

CTECS Test Administrator Guide --Guidelines for TSAs.

CTECS Proctor Guide --Guidelines for proctors and how to have a successful testing experience. Includes troubleshooting testing issues.

Using Your E-SESS Administrator Account --Step by step procedures for registering students and handling errors using the instant enrollment AND generating test tickets and reports in E-SESS.

E-SESS Participant Guide -- E-SESS login and test navigation instructions.

IT Checklist --Guidelines for preparing the online testing environment.

Print Your Students' Certificates of Completion

To access the new certificates, please follow the steps below:
1. Log in to E-SESS
2. Stay in the new interface and click on Reports.
3. Click on Certificates
4. Select the assessment title in the field near the top
5. Scroll to the bottom of the same page and click the box under the “Certificate” line to select Your Test Title
6. Go to the upper far right of the same page and click the button Show Certificate Report.
7. Click the button at the top of the list: View Certificates.