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Maine Overview

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CTECS is excited to start the new 2021-2022 school year with you and accommodate your Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment and your Technical Skills Assessment (TSA) needs. We continue to offer traditional in-school testing (IST) at no increased costs. 

As part of Maine's membership year (SY2021-22) with CTECS, technical skill assessments (TSAs) offered through CTECS are complimentary. There is a charge for the CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment (WRS).

Refer to the table below for test titles, cut scores, and costs. The test administration process remains the same, so click on steps 1-4 below and follow the instructions on each page.

Note! A Contract Number is required even if the assessment you order is complimentary. 



Menu options in the left column provide additional important details. Preparation for the administration of testing is a multi-step experience and requires processing time.

Reminders for SY2021-22

  • Returning test site administrators have access to student testing data from previous school years. Just log into E-SESS and follow instructions to "Change Organizations." Forgot your password? Request a password reset from or
  • When new test site administrators are added to E-SESS, they are sent an email message from with a temp password and instructions to create a new one.
  • New Instructional Resources are available to help prepare students to pass the CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills (WRS) assessment. The new WRS site is up and running here: WRS Resources site. Modules with vocabulary are linked to each skill, available here.
  • Sample questions are available here: Sample Questions, but also linked interactively through the "Practice" portion of the WRS site.
  • The new WRS site continues to evolve, and we welcome your interaction and feedback. Send us your success stories and your lessons, activities, and ideas that work. You can do this directly through the comments section on the "Teach" portion of the site.
  • Complete the Purchaser's Contract webform to set up your 2021-22 account.
  • Complete the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form.
  • Enroll students and generate test tickets completely on your own. Remember to identify students who require accommodations.
  • Credit card payments are accepted.

CTECS Technical Support Contacts



Types of tests that CTECS offers Maine:

All of the tests currently available are listed below with descriptions and prices. Tests for all programs are not yet available.

Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment Technical Skills Assessments (TSAs) Tests in Pilot Stage

Cost per form of test for in-person, in-school testing::

  • Pre-Test (optional): $7
  • Post-Test: $10
  • Retake: $10

Cost per form of test for in-person, in-school testing:

  • Pre-Test: Free
  • Post-Test: Free (the official end-of-program assessment or TSA)

Cost per test: n/a


100-item, multiple-choice

60-minute timed test

Standard of mastery: 75% (except for the Pre-Test which does not have a standard of mastery)

See the Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment under Services for more. Click Purchase/Ordering to get started with testing.

100-item, multiple-choice

60-minute timed test

Time between pre-test and TSA: 14 days    **Important! ** A TSA must be taken at least 14 calendar days after the pre-test.


  • Maine Law Enforcement Pre-Test
  • Multimedia Pre-Test (No longer available; has become the Video Production Pre-Test)
  • Maine Natural Resource Systems Pre-Test
  • Maine Plant Systems Pre-Test
  • Maine Video Production Pre-Test

Used as the approved end-of-program assessment under the following titles:

  • Law Enforcement (standard of mastery: 67%)
  • Multimedia (No longer available; has become Video Production)
  • Natural Resource Systems (standard of mastery: 65%)
  • Plant Systems (standard of mastery: 61%)
  • Video Production Technology (standard of mastery: 63%)

Click link #1 Purchase/Ordering above to get started with testing.

Please contact Department of Education. Tests are in development and participants are by invitation only. 

























The Assessment Process

Follow the links in the left navigation column for more information on the following:
  1. To order, click the Account Setup & Ordering link and follow the steps to submit a purchase order.  

  2. Assign the test site administrator by having that person submit the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form. 

  3. Once the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form has been submitted, the test site administrator can begin registering students. After a student registration form is uploaded to CTECS, CTECS staff will enroll the students in E-SESS, the online testing system. 

  4. The test site administrator will receive an email with E-SESS login instructions when the students have been enrolled. Then the test site administrator can log into E-SESS to generate and print test tickets (vouchers).  

  5. Test tickets are then distributed appropriately and students log into E-SESS to take the assessment in a proctored environment.

Questions pertaining to ongoing efforts in Maine should be directed to Ken Potthoff,, 404-994-6538