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Policies & Rules

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Test site administrators are asked to follow every step of the Fully Automated Testing process to ensure a positive assessment experience. While CTECS is offering Fully Automated Testing due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the basic policies and responsibilities are the same as in a traditional school testing environment, in that they rely on responsibility and honesty.

There are, however, important changes for which you are required to follow as we all adapt to this "temporary" experience.

It is your responsibility as the test site administrator to ensure students are fully aware of the rules to ensure a safe and equitable testing experience. Failure to comply with the guidelines and responsibilities agreed to in the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form or any rules hereby set forth will result in the student's test being invalidated, and the student will not be allowed to test again with CTECS.

The entire testing session for each student is recorded by video. By participating in this examination, it should be understood that all students are subject to video recording for security purposes and that they are giving consent to the video recording by participating in this examination. Finally, each student is representing and agreeing that he/she is over the age of 13. These consent statements are incorporated into the honor code that each student must read and agree to before starting the fully automated test.

The Fully Automated Testing experience uses artificial intelligence to gather data and record any suspicious behavior. If any suspicious activities are identified, the student will be alerted immediately or the test may be abruptly stopped. All testing irregularities are flagged and reviewed by CTECS and will be submitted to the test site administrator. Recording also allows for review of any testing or technical support issues should they arise.

Policies cover the following topics:


Rule Violations and Testing Irregularities

Should any violation of the rules occur, the test taker will automatically be removed from testing and the score will be invalidated.  Additionally, the test site administrator will be notified and the test taker will be subject to the local jurisdiction of the school district’s testing irregularity authority.  

Rules for the Test Taker

  1. You MUST dress and behave professionally, as you would in school.
  2. Please keep your eyes on the test screen at all times.
  3. NO clicking on any other browser, pop-up, screen, etc.  Any attempt will be flagged as a test irregularity and the test may be invalidated.
  4. NO eating or drinking during the test.
  5. You MUST have your test ticket. 
  6. NO ear device of any kind (headphones, ear buds, or listening device).
  7. NO talking or communication with ANYONE is allowed.
  8. NO phones or electronic devices may be used for any reason.
  9. NO pencils/other writing devices or scrap paper may be used.
  10. NO dictionaries of any kind, including bi-lingual dictionaries may be used. 
  11. NO translation devices or applications (i.e., software or browser-enabled) may be used.
  12. NO movement away from the camera view or leaving the room during the exam is allowed.
  13. NO obstruction/covering up the camera view in any way for any length of time is allowed.


Rules for the Test Environment

1. NO other person is allowed in the room once you log in to the test.

2. The table or desk you sit at must be clear of any materials with the exception of a keyboard and/or mouse. 

3. The lighting in the room must be bright enough to see the background of the room clearly.

4. The room must be kept as quiet as possible. Any sound other than you taking the test may cause the test to be shut down.​


Rules for the Testing Computer/Device

  1. All technical requirements MUST be met to begin the test.
  2. All other programs or windows on your testing computer MUST be closed before you log in to the test.
  3. Leaving the testing window or trying to open any other window while testing will result in an immediate invalidation of the test. You will be reported to your school or program, and you will NOT be eligible to take the test again.


Test Interruptions

Assessments must be completed in one, 60-minute session, unless a school emergency interrupts the testing period. If there is a test interruption and a student needs to complete the test on another day, the student must log in and finish the test within TWO (2) school days of the initial start date. Notify CTECS about the interruption on the day it occurs so that time can be added to the affected assessments. See the list below for examples of school and personal emergencies that may qualify as an interruption.

  • Fire alarms
  • Power outage
  • Safety evacuation 
  • Sudden illness of student

Accommodations for Testing

CTECS defers to school and state policy when identifying accommodations. However, in order to receive the accommodations, these test takers must be identified on the student registration form submitted prior to the testing session. The use of any accommodation must be based on the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 plan.

Please contact Robyn Marshall ( All other CTECS policies regarding testing remain the same. Please refer to the CTECS policy "Accommodations for SWD and LEP" page for details.


Retakes and Pre-Tests


Please see the Overview page.

Please contact Robyn Marshall ( 

All other CTECS policies regarding testing remain the same. Please refer to the CTECS testing policies for more.