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Maine Test Administrator Registration Form

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The CTECS Test Site Administrator Agreement and Security Policy Form is designed to protect the test taker, the organization who is administrating the test, and CTECS’ propriety assessment data according to CTECS consortia bylaws and policies.

CTECS Assessment Policy


Please read this Security Policy and acknowledge that you agree to the terms by typing "yes" in the box at the end of this page.

As the Test Site Administrator,

    • I understand that CTECS retains all information regarding this assessment, which includes all test items. 
    • I understand that all assessment participants are using CTECS testing services and do not have any ownership over the assessment materials/items. 
    • I recognize the professional, legal, and ethical responsibility for maintaining assessment security.
    • I understand that it is my responsibility to be aware of and follow procedures defined in the guides and information provided on the CTECS web site for fulfilling the role of Test Site Administrator.
    • I will abide by Federal copyright law that prohibits unauthorized reproduction.
    • My organization is liable for any violation of this Agreement and Security Policy by anyone involved in the test administration process.
    • My organization is responsible for adhering to CTECS’ policies associated with the testing process.
    • I understand and accept that it is entirely my responsibility to ensure that all student demographic data needed for student registrations, for testing and data accountability and reporting purposes is completely accurate.

Virtual Proctoring

If you are planning on a virtual proctoring for administering CTECS Assessments, including the CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills, you must agree to all of the following consent statements:

  • I have read the CTECS Privacy Policies and accept these policies and responsibilities;
  • I will inform testing students that they will be video recorded and that they must give consent;
  • I will explain to testing students that all testing irregularities are flagged and reviewed by CTECS and will be submitted to the test site administrator; and  
  • I will make testing students aware of Rules for the Test Taker. 
Enter "yes" in the box to agree.
Enter "yes" in the box to agree.