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Test Characteristics

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Idaho Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment© (WRA)

  • 100-item, multiple-choice
  • 60-minute timed test (other accommodations)
  • Standard of mastery: 75%
  • Price: $10 per test taker (if taken outside ICTE windows)

All Idaho End-of-Program Assessments (TSA) are 

  • 100-item, multiple-choice
  • 60-minute timed tests
  • $8 per test taker (if taken outside of ICTE windows)
  • One retake offered (optional), $8, paid locally

Live, End-of-Program Assessments include:

Please go to Idaho Overview to see the listing of live TSAs. 

Please see The Idaho CTE Assessment Guide for Idaho-specific information on TSAs.

Testing Windows Paid by ICTE

  • TSA Pre-Tests: Aug – Sept
  • WRA (WRS): Nov – Feb
  • TSA: Nov – April