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Student Registration - TSA (Trimesters Only)

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Important!  ICTE will NOT use ISEE data for trimesters to identify eligible students and populate test tickets for each school. Trimester schools will follow the steps below to enroll students to take the TSA

Assessment Information

  • Dates: Nov 1 - April 30
  • Costs are covered by the state
  • Students must be enrolled by each school. Note!  ICTE will only pay for students if ISEE data can be validated and all of the data fields are provided (ex. Name, EDUID, School, etc.)

TSA Registration Instructions 

Test Site Administrators who submitted the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form for school year 2020-21, may log into their E-SESS accounts and begin enrolling students for TSAs. 

Test Site Administrators who have not yet completed and submitted the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form this school year, must complete and submit it before students can be enrolled. 

Note!  The Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form and Student Registration form require district and school ID's to be entered. Refer to this list for ID's and official school names.


Option 1: Instant Enrollment (preferred method)

Test site administrators can log into their E-SESS account and enroll their students. Test site administrators have access to menu options that allow them to import student (participant) data using the Common Fields method. The fields common to all students to be enrolled are selected from drop-down menus in E-SESS; other data is listed on the student registration form (Excel file). Once the student data is successfully imported, test tickets are immediately available. Generate the Test Ticket report to print tickets (use Participants menu - Import).

Complete each column of information on the Student Registration form. Detailed instructions for completing each column are contained on the Instructions tab/sheet in the file itself.

Refer to this list for ID's and official school names.

Please log in to your E-SESS account and follow the Import instructions beginning on page 5 of this guide: Using your E-SESS Administrator AccountUsing the Common Fields (Prefill Values) process is recommended.

Option 2: Upload Student Registration form to CTECS for processing (wait time is required)

Note!  Wait periods should be expected when using this process. Please allow up to 6 business days after you upload the form before scheduling testing at your site. 

  1. The Student Registration form is downloaded from CTECS and saved locally.
  2. The Student Registration form is completed and saved under a specific file name. See below for Detailed Instructions for Completing and Saving the Student Registration form.
  3. The Student Registration form is submitted by uploading it through CTECS’ secure upload. See below for Detailed Instructions for Submitting the Student Registration form and for the File Upload Function (at bottom of this page).
  4. CTECS completes the upload to E-SESS and, when finished, sends an email to the test site administrator with login information.
  5. The test site administrator uses the login information to enter the E-SESS system, generate test tickets, and print the Test Tickets Report.
  6. Test site administrators are asked to check this report against their submitted records in advance of the test day. Note: Use this same process to view student scores and other reports.

Detailed Instructions:

Completing and Saving the Student Registration Form

Open the Student Registration form and complete each column of information. Instructions for completing each column may be found on the second "sheet" in the student registration form file.

Specifications for File Name 

Title the file (Excel spreadsheet) containing the student registration data and save it on your computer. Name the file by including last name of the test site administrator and the school name.

Example: Howard-Wood River High.xlsx

If you upload more than one spreadsheet, please number them consecutively so that we can identify a specific file, if necessary

Submitting the Student Registration Form

Submit the Student Registration form by uploading it through the secure upload form below. Complete and save the file, then click the Upload Files button. You will see a confirmation message indicating the files were uploaded OR you will receive an error message if the file(s) did not upload.




Step 3: Generate Test Tickets

Once your form has been successfully uploaded, wait for an email from letting you know the tickets are available. Processing typically takes up to 3 business days. Use Instant Enrollment (Option 1)  if you need test tickets sooner.