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Pre-test Student Registration

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Complete these 3 steps.


Step 1:  Complete and submit the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form

Step 2: Follow one of the procedures below to enroll Pre-test students. 

The "Instant Enrollment" option (preferred procedure)

Test site administrators who wish to administer Idaho Pretests can log into at E-SESS, the online testing system, and enroll their own students as well as make changes to student demographics within E-SESS. All test site administrators will have access to menu options that will allow them to do the following:

  • Import their students, using the Pretest Student Registration Form –Test site administrators will complete the form then upload the data to E-SESS. Test tickets will be available immediately after a successful import. 
  • Participant - Add New – This feature allows test site administrators to add individual students quickly on an as-needed basis. 
  • Participant - Edit Existing - This feature allows test site administrators to edit student data.

Please log in to your E-SESS account and follow the "New Enrollment" instructions beginning on page 4 of this guide: Using Your E-SESS Administrator Account

Former Process - upload the Pretest Student Registration form to CTECS for processing

Important!  Allow up to 6 business days after the registration form is uploaded before scheduling testing.

The Pretest Student Registration Form should be downloaded and saved on your pc, named using the instructions below, then securely uploaded to CTECS for processing. A secure upload form is provided below.

Once CTECS processes the registration form, the test site administrator will receive an email with E-SESS login instructions and can log in to generate the Test Tickets report. 

Detailed Instructions:

Completing and Saving the Student Registration Form

Open the Excel file and complete each column of information.

  • In the Assessment Name 1 column, enter one of the Pre-test titles, exactly as shown in the list on the Overview webpage. 

Registering Students With a Disability (SWD) or for Learning English Proficiency (LEP)

The WRS/WRA Assessment provides the following accommodations for SWD or LEP:

  • Extended time (90 minutes for a total of 2 1/2 hours) to test.
    Note: The site administrator must request the extra time on the student registration form. Testing time may not be split up for any student over multiple durationsSee Policies for more.
  • A text-to-speech feature is available with the WRS/WRA assessment, only. Headphones should be provided locally. The student must click on the speaker icon to hear the audio.
  • An option to take the test as it is read by an aide or test proctor, arranged at the test site by the test site administrator or test proctor (extended time may be necessary)
    Note: Items on the assessment are randomized so more than one reader may be required if several students require reading assistance.*
  • An option for test item enlargement on the computer monitor, arranged at the test site by the test site administrator or test proctor

Specifications for File Name 

Title the file (Excel spreadsheet) containing the student registration data and save it on your computer by including

  • ID
  • Test site administrator's last name
  • school name

Example: ID-Smith-FranklinHigh.xls

If you upload more than one spreadsheet, please number them consecutively so that we can identify a specific file, if necessary.

Example: ID-Smith-FranklinHigh2.xls

Submitting the Student Registration Form

Submit the Pretest Student Registration form by uploading it through the secure upload below. Complete and save the file, then click the Upload Files button. You will see a confirmation message indicating the files were uploaded OR you will receive an error message if the files were not sent correctly.



Step 3: Generate Test Tickets

Log into your E-SESS account to generate the Test Tickets report. Note! If you uploaded the student registration form to CTECS for processing, wait for an email from letting you know the tickets are available.