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Idaho Overview

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For the Idaho Apprentice program pages, please go to Apprenticeship.

For all other Idaho/CTECS testing, refer to the information on this page for 2019-20 testing. CTECS is working with Idaho CTE leadership to enroll teachers as test site administrators and to pre-load student test takers into the E-SESS online testing program.The cost of the tests are linked to registration and paid for by the state as well. A Purchaser's Agreement is only necessary for TSA retakes. A calendar has been set for the WRA (Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment) and TSAs (technical skills assessments with Pre-tests), see below.

Please refer to The Idaho CTE FAQs for Assessments. FAQs for Idaho-specific information. Menu options in the left column provide additional important details. Preparation for the administration of testing is a multi-step experience and requires processing time.

Idaho CTE is your primary point-of-contact for Assessment and Student Registration Questions:

You should only contact CTECS with E-SESS technical issues.

CTECS Technical Support Contacts

Testing Calendar 2019-2020

Type Date Paid By Test Tickets Created by

Test Site Administrators

Register early for ongoing communication n/a n/a

Pre-tests (intended for capstone students in the current school year)

Aug. 19 - Sep. 30 $ ICTE School

Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment (WRA)

Nov. 1 - Apr. 30** $ ICTE School**

Technical Skills Assessments (TSAs) Semesters** 

Nov. 1 - Apr. 30

Apr. 30 is the last day to take the TSA.**



Technical Skills Assessments (TSAs) Trimesters**

Nov. 1 - Apr. 30

Apr. 30 is the last day to take the TSA.**



ICTE will identify trimesters. Only trimesters can upload students.

TSA Retakes

>14 days after TSA

May 15 is the last day for TSA retakes.**

$ District School


For manual test tickets created by schools, ICTE will only pay for eligible students that are verified with 19/20 ISEE data.

**New for 19/20


Types of tests that CTECS offers Idaho

All tests currently available have been listed below with descriptions and prices. Tests for all programs are not yet available.


Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment (WRS/WRA) Technical Skills Assessments (TSA) Tests in Pilot State

Cost per test: Free

No pre-tests or retakes are offered at this time.

Cost per test:
Pre-Test: Free (cannot replace the TSA, no cut score)
TSA: Free (official end-of-program assessment)
Retake: $8 per test (requires at least a two-week waiting period after a failed TSA).
Cost per test: n/a

100-item, multiple-choice

60-minute timed test
Standard of mastery: 75%
See the Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment under Services for more. 

100-item, multiple-choice

60-minute timed test

  • Idaho Administrative Services (Standard of mastery: 70%)
  • Idaho Accounting (Standard of mastery: 75%)
  • Idaho Agribusiness (Standard of mastery: 55%)
  • Idaho Agricultural Mechanics and Power Systems (Standard of mastery: 63%)
  • Idaho Animal Science (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Idaho Automated Manufacturing (Standard of mastery: 63%)
  • Idaho Automotive Technology--Maintenance and Light Repair (Standard of mastery: 64%)
  • Idaho Business Management (Standard of mastery: 73%)
  • Idaho Cabinetry and Millwork (Standard of mastery: 65%)
  • Idaho Collision Repair (Standard of mastery: 66%)
  • Idaho Cosmetology (Standard of Mastery: 66%)
  • Idaho Culinary Arts (Standard of mastery: 70%)
  • Idaho Dental Assisting (Standard of mastery: 61%)
  • Idaho Diesel Technology (Standard of mastery: 60%)
  • Idaho Digital Communications (Standard of mastery: 62%)
  • Idaho Drafting and Design (Standard of mastery: 70%)
  • Idaho Early Childhood Education (Standard of mastery: 66%)
  • Idaho Education Assistant (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Idaho Electronics Technology (Standard of mastery: 66%)
  • Idaho Fire Science (Standard of Mastery: 63%)
  • Idaho Graphic Design (Standard of mastery: 65%)
  • Idaho Hospitality and Tourism (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Idaho Industrial Mechanics (Standard of mastery: 62%)
  • Idaho Law Enforcement (Standard of mastery: 63%)
  • Idaho Marketing (Standard of mastery: 73%)
  • Idaho Media Technology--Broadcasting (Standard of mastery: 67%)
  • Idaho Media Technology--Commercial Photography (Standard of Mastery: 68%)
  • Idaho Networking Support (Standard of mastery: 62%)
  • Idaho Nursing Assistant (Standard of mastery: 73%)
  • Idaho Ornamental Horticulture (Standard of mastery: 60%)
  • Idaho Pharmacy Technician (Standard of mastery: 69%)
  • Idaho Plant and Soil (Standard of mastery: 60%)
  • Idaho Precision Machining (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Idaho Pre-Engineering Technology (Standard of mastery: 71%)
  • Idaho Programming and Software Development (Standard of mastery: 64%)
  • Idaho Residential Construction (Standard of mastery: 72%)
  • Idaho Small Engine Repair / Power Sports (Standard of mastery: 63%)
  • Idaho Web Design and Development (Standard of mastery: 67%)
  • Idaho Welding (Standard of mastery: 70%)

Tests in Pilot stage are in development and participants are by invitation only.  For more information, please contact Dona Orr,, Idaho Career and Technical Education.