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Idaho Secondary

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CTECS is excited to start the new 2021-2022 school year with you and accommodate your Technical Skills Assessment (TSA) and Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment (WRA) needs.

Reminders for SY2021-22

  • The first step to get started with testing is to complete the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form. A day or two after the form has been submitted, you will receive an email from with login instructions. Note! If you do not have the password you used last year to access E-SESS, request a password reset from or
  • Returning test site administrators have access to student testing data from previous school years. Just log into E-SESS and follow instructions to "Change Organizations".
  • When new test site administrators are added to E-SESS, they are sent an email message from with a temporary password and instructions to create a new one.
  • For Idaho/CTECS testing, refer to the information on this page. CTECS is working with Idaho Division of CTE (IDCTE) leadership to enroll teachers as test site administrators and to pre-load student test takers into the E-SESS online testing program. 
  • Please refer to the Educator Portal for the FAQs for Idaho-specific information.
  • Menu options in the left column provide additional important details. Preparation for the administration of testing is a multi-step experience and requires processing time.
  • IDCTE is your primary point-of-contact for Assessment and Student Registration Questions: Terry Uda 208-429-5509 or Heather Luchte, 208-429-5512,
  • You should only contact CTECS with technical issues during testing or with E-SESS.

CTECS Technical Support Contacts

Assessments and SkillStack® Dates

2021/2022 School Year

Assessments: Districts are encouraged to do In School Testing (IST).
Type Date Paid By Test Tickets Created by

Test Site Administrators

Register annually and early for ongoing communication. n/a n/a

Pre-tests (TSA)

For capstone students grades 11/12

Aug. 16 - Oct. 15

Jan. 3 - Jan. 31

*Pretests reopen in January and there is a 10-day waiting period between tests.


$7 - IDCTE


Pre-tests (WRA)

Contact Robyn Marshall,, if you plan to administer WRA pre-tests. A Purchaser's Contract is required.

Aug. 16 - Oct. 15

Jan. 3 - Jan. 31

*Pretests reopen in January and there is a 10-day waiting period between tests.

$7 - District School


For seniors in their 2nd CTE course (grades 9-12) or junior capstone students

WRA Instructional Modules,

Nov. 1 - Apr. 29 $10 - IDCTE

-IDCTE using ISEE data*

-Schools upload students for last trimester*

TSA Semesters

Nov. 1 - Apr. 29

$8 - IDCTE

IDCTE using ISEE data

TSA Trimesters

Nov. 1 - Apr. 29

$8 - IDCTE

-IDCTE using ISEE data*

-Schools upload students for last trimester*

 TSA Retakes

>14 days after TSA

(May 13 is last day)

$8 District

WRA Retakes

>14 days after TSA

(May 13 is last day)

$10 District School
  Postsecondary Assessments

May - June

Dates vary by technical college

$ IDCTE Watch for registration details in January.
What Date Who Details
Validate Rosters Nov. 1 - Mar. 31 Teachers validate rosters

-IDCTE using ISEE data

-Trimester schools will upload students last trimester

Activity Nov. 1 - Apr. 29 Teachers award skills all year long April 29 is the last day to be included in WRI calculations.
IDCTE uses ISEE to identify students and populate test tickets and rosters. Make sure ISEE data is accurate. ISEE uploads: Oct/Nov/Dec/Mar
*In 20/21, IDCTE paid over $10,000 in assessments that did not match ISEE. This was mostly WRA data. If your school has a concern with IDCTE uploading test tickets, please contact Performance Management
TSA = Technical Skills Assessment                   WRA = Workplace Readiness Assessment

*New for 21/22

Workforce Readiness Incentive (WRI) 
Approved CTE pathways can earn incentives for the number of CTE capstones (grades 11 or 12) in the current year who:
1) Pass the Workplace Readiness Assessment (WRA),
2) Pass the Technical Skills Assessment (TSA), and
3) Earn all SkillStack® sub-badges in their pathway.
Assessment Resources
SkillStack® Resources

Idaho Learners

*Certificates now available for SkillStack® badges, including assessment badges!

Certificate - SkillStack


Types of tests that CTECS offers Idaho

All tests below with descriptions and prices. Tests for all programs are not yet available.

Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment (WRS/WRA) Idaho Technical Skills Assessments (TSA) Tests in Pilot State

Post-Test: Free (paid by IDCTE)

Retake: $10 (paid by district) or $15 if using Fully Automated Testing

Cost per test:
• Pre-Test: Paid by IDCTE(cannot replace the TSA, no cut score)
• TSA: Paid by IDCTE (official end-of-program assessment)
• Retake: $8 per test (requires at least a 14-day waiting period after a failed TSA). $13 per test if using Fully Automated Testing

Cost per test: n/a

100-item, multiple-choice
60-minute timed test

Standard of mastery: 75%
See the Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment under Services for more. 

* indicates test title offers a Pre-Test

100-item, multiple-choice
60-minute timed test

  • Administrative Services* (Standard of mastery: 70%)
  • Agribusiness* (Standard of mastery: 55%)
  • Agricultural Food Science & Processing (Standard of mastery 60%)
  • Agricultural Leadership & Communications* (Standard of mastery: 67%)
  • Agricultural Mechanics & Power Systems* (Standard of mastery: 64%)
  • Animal Science* (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Applied Accounting* (Standard of mastery: 75%)
  • Automated Manufacturing* (Standard of mastery: 62%)
  • Automotive Collision Repair* (Standard of mastery 66%)
  • Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair* (Standard of mastery: 64%)
  • Business Management* (Standard of mastery: 73%)
  • Cabinetmaking & Bench Carpentry* (Standard of mastery: 65%)
  • Commercial Photography* (Standard of mastery: 66%)
  • Computer Support* (Standard of mastery: 60%)
  • Construction Trades* (Standard of mastery: 69%)
  • Cosmetology* (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Culinary Arts* (Standard of mastery: 70%)
  • Dental Assisting* (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Digital Communications* (Standard of mastery: 62%)
  • Digital Media Production* (Standard of mastery: 69%)
  • Drafting & Design* (Standard of mastery: 70%)
  • Early Childhood Education* (Standard of mastery: 70%)
  • Ecology & Natural Resources Management* (Standard of mastery: 67%)
  • Education & Training* (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Electronics Technology* (Standard of mastery: 66%)
  • Emergency Medical Technician* (Standard of mastery: 71%)
  • Firefighting* (Standard of mastery: 67%)
  • Graphic Design* (Standard of mastery: 65%)
  • Heavy Equipment/Diesel Technology* (Standard of mastery: 60%)
  • Hospitality Services* (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Hospitality Management* (Standard of mastery: 66%)
  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanics* (Standard of mastery: 65%)
  • Law Enforcement* (Standard of mastery: 67%)
  • Marketing* (Standard of mastery: 73%)
  • Network Support* (Standard of mastery: 62%)
  • Nursing Assistant* (Standard of mastery: 73%)
  • Ornamental Horticulture* (Standard of mastery: 63%)
  • Pharmacy Technician* (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Plant & Soil* (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Pre-Engineering* (Standard of mastery: 71%)
  • Precision Machining* (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Programming & Software Development* (Standard of mastery: 64%)
  • Rehabilitation Services* (Standard of mastery: 62%)
  • Small Engine Repair / Power Sports* (Standard of mastery: 67%)
  • Web Design & Development* (Standard of mastery: 73%)
  • Welding* (Standard of mastery: 70%)

Tests in Pilot stage are in development and participants are by invitation only. For more information, please contact Adrian San Miguel,, Director, Idaho Division of Career and Technical  Education.