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Idaho Overview

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Please see The Idaho CTE Assessment Guide for Idaho-specific information. If you are a teacher or administrator in Idaho and you are ready to test, please follow the steps for the Assessment Process by clicking on the main steps below. Menu options in the left column provide additional important details. Preparation for the administration of testing is a multi-step experience and requires processing time.

CTECS Technical Support Contacts

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Types of tests that CTECS offers Idaho:

All tests currently available have been listed below with descriptions and prices. Tests for all programs are not yet available.

Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment Technical Skills Assessments (TSAs) Tests in Pilot Stage

Cost per form of test:

  • Cost paid by Idaho CTE when taken prior to March 1, 2018
  • WRS Post-Test: $10
  • No WRS Pre-Test is offered at this time.



Cost per form of test:

  • Cost paid by Idaho CTE when taken prior to May 1, 2018
  • Post-Test: $8 (The official end-of-program assessment or TSA)
  • Pre-Test: $6 (Cannot replace the TSA, no cut score)



Cost per test: n/a


100-item, multiple-choice

60-minute timed test

Standard of mastery: 75% 

See the Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment under Services for more. Click Purchase/Ordering to get started with testing.

Post-Tests (TSAs): Beginning November 15, 2017, the following can be used as the approved end-of-program (100-item, multiple-choice, 60-minute timed) assessment under the following titles:

  • Idaho Administrative Services (Standard of mastery: 70%)
  • Idaho Accounting (Standard of mastery: 75%)
  • Idaho Agribusiness (Standard of mastery: 55%)
  • Idaho Animal Science (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Idaho Automotive Technology (Standard of mastery: 64%)
  • Idaho Business Management (Standard of mastery: 65%)
  • Idaho Collision Repair (Standard of mastery: 66%)
  • Idaho Culinary Arts (Standard of mastery: 70%)
  • Idaho Diesel Technology (Standard of mastery: 60%)
  • Idaho Digital Communications (Standard of mastery: 62%)
  • Idaho Drafting and Design (Standard of mastery: 70%)
  • Idaho Early Childhood Education (Standard of mastery: 66%)
  • Idaho Electronics Technology (Standard of mastery: 66%)
  • Idaho Graphic Design (Standard of mastery: 65%)
  • Idaho Hospitality and Tourism (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Idaho Law Enforcement (Standard of mastery: 63%)
  • Idaho Marketing (Standard of mastery: 73%)
  • Idaho Ornamental Horticulture (Standard of mastery: 60%)
  • Idaho Precision Machining (Standard of mastery: 68%)
  • Idaho Pre-Engineering Technology (Standard of mastery: 71%)
  • Idaho Programming and Software Development (Standard of mastery: 64%)
  • Idaho Welding (Standard of mastery: 70%)

Click Purchase/Ordering to get started with testing.

Pre-Tests: These tests are available September 11 - October 6, 2017 for Pre-tests (intended for concentrators): 

  • (Pretest) Idaho Administrative Services 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Accounting 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Agribusiness 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Animal Science 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Automotive Technology
  • (Pretest) Idaho Collision Repair 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Culinary Arts 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Diesel Technology 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Drafting and Design 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Electronics Technology 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Graphic Design 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Hospitality and Tourism 
  • (Pretest) Idaho IT Networking Support 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Marketing 
  • (Pre-test) Idaho Ornamental Horticulture 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Precision Machining 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Pre-Engineering Technology 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Programming and Software Development 
  • (Pretest) Idaho Welding 

Please contact Dona Orr,, Idaho Career and Technical Education. Tests are in development and participants are by invitation only.