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How Students/Earners Claim Their Badges

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How to Claim Your Badge

How to Share Your Badge


Once the student has requested the WRS digital badge at the end of the online test by entering their email addresses, they will receive an email from CTECS via Credly, letting them know that a badge is ready for them to claim: 

"Career and Technical Education Consortium of States (CTECS) has issued you a digital badge for having passed: "CTECS Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment" (and a button/link is provided to get the student started in the claim process). 

However, to claim their badges, they first must have a registered account with Credly, so this is added to the email: 

"To register an account, claim the badge, save it or share it on social and professional networks, click the button below."

The button is "Save & Share."

The link will take them to the Credly site to register their free, individual account. Once on the Credly site, students should click under the badge icon on "login to share and save." Then click on "Not a member yet, sign up now."

Students are directed to enter first name, last name, the email they used on the test to request the badge, and a password of their choosing (twice to verify). 

Students should click the box for "Individual (me)" and "Agree to Credly's terms" if they do.

Once they are registered with Credly, they will be sent a confirmation email. They should click on the activation link in the email. This will take them to their Credly account page where they should click on "Accept Badge" under "My Credit." From there, they will be able to share the badge with others.

To Share Badges with Others (on their Credly account page) 

On their Credly account page, students should hover over their profile icon and click "My Credit" in the upper right of the page. Then they should click on the "ALL" tab in the "My Credit" main screen. 

Then, they should hover over the badge itself and three symbols will appear at the top, the last being the "Share" symbol. Click on the share symbol and choose among social networks. (Students must also have an account on the social network they choose).

Open Badges Backpack

We encourage students to push their badges to the Open Badges Backpack as well, where they may permanently store and share all earned badges no matter who might issue them or when they might earn them. 

First, students should sign up for an Open Badges Backpack account at

Then they should return to their account page at Credly and go to "Account Settings." Under "Social Settings and Auto Share," hover over "" and click "Link." They will be prompted to enter their login email address they used at Open Badges Backpack and save their settings on the Credly account page. Save your settings. They should receive a message on screen that tells them they have "successfully added Open Badges Backpack to your social networks." 

Thereafter, students will be able to follow the standard share procedure and "Open Badges" will now appear in the list along with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn options.

Lost or Confused?

For additional questions, students should contact their test site administrators and TSAs should contact Darren Morris at CTECS with additional questions.