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Virtual Proctoring Overview

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Special Announcement – Virtual Proctoring for the FADA Certified Technician Exam

FADA is proud to offer a virtually proctored Certified Technician Exam.  The test will be delivered in the same test delivery system and upon successful completion of the test, the same FADA credential will be awarded that would have been earned in a traditional proctoring situation. The procedure for virtually proctored test is different from the traditional process. Below are the steps to complete virtually proctored testing.

Virtual proctored testing can begin May 4, 2020.

Virtual Proctored Testing Process

  1. Order Tests – Order and pay for the number of tests you would like. Test tickets are good for 2 years. Pricing remains the same for Virtual Proctoring.
  2. Run System Check - Before any student tests it will be critical to determine they meet the technical requirements. In order to avoid testing issues it will be critical for you to make sure the students run the System Check prior to scheduling them to test
  3. Register Students – Fill out the student registration spreadsheet and submit it to CTECS.
  4. Schedule Testing Window – Identify the day(s) when your students will test. Tests may be taken Monday-Friday between 8 am – 5pm Eastern time.
  5. Confirm Student Checklist – students must complete the checklist to make sure testing can occur.
  6. Email Students Test Tickets – On test day send the students their test tickets.
  7. Test Students – Students will need to show a form of picture ID that matches their test ticket (school issued photo ID is acceptable)

If you have any questions or need help with the process, please email or call the following for help: