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In order to proctor a test, proctors are required to complete and submit the FADA Test Proctor form.

The Test Proctor is responsible for the following. 

On test day:

  • Confirming the accurate identity of each student before distributing test tickets
  • Distributing all test tickets
  • Having the students open the test site, using the web address given at the top of their test tickets
  • Having the students log in, using the information given on the ticket (Organization, First Name, Last Name, Password)

During the assessment:

  • Being present during the entire assessment administration
  • Moving around the room to observe and assure that no supplemental materials are referenced
  • Maintaining a quiet environment
  • Ensuring that students are working independently
  • Documenting unusual conditions or situations that may affect students’ scores
  • Reporting any breaches of security
  • Being aware of elapsed time for the test administration and reminding students as appropriate