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Practice Test

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A study guide is available for download here.

Below is a test ticket to access sample tests for the FADA Certified Technician Practice Test. This practice test is available for anyone wishing to see the types of questions asked and the system used for the FADA Certified Technician Test. The practice tests are 50 questions in length and give a sample of what the questions on the actual test might look like. These tests will show a grade and results by the standard at the end of the test, but none of these scores are kept. The 50 items on the test will be broken up, as they are on the actual test, in to the following areas:

Safety – 20%
General Automotive – 20%
Brakes – 20%
Steering/Suspension – 10%
Electrical/Electronics – 30%

All that is necessary to access the practice test is the sample test ticket below:

Site URL:
Org. Name: FADA
First Name: Sample
Last Name: Sample
Password: Sample


Once you enter the ticket info you will be able to take the practice test. You may do so as many times as you would like. 
Completing the practice test is also a good check to make sure your computers meet the technical requirements. Be sure to complete the IT requirements before trying any of the practice tests.

Also, go to IT Requirements or access the IT checklist by clicking on the link below:

IT Checklist for Administering CTECS Assessments.pdf

If your computer does not meet the technical requirements or if you have issues accessing the practice tests please contact Tim Withee at