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FADA Certified Technician Assessment - Test Proctor

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Test Proctor Honor Code

As the proctor of the FADA Certified Technician Assessment I agree to the following:

Proctor Information:

  • I am NOT the teacher of record and will not proctor my own students assessments.

  • I am NOT an automotive teacher proctoring this assessment.

Test Day

On the day of the test, I will:

  • Confirm the accurate identity of each student before distributing test tickets.

  • Distribute all test tickets.

  • Have the students open the test site using the web address given at the top of their test tickets.

  • Have the students log in using the information given on the ticket (Organization, First Name, Last Name, Password).

  • During the Assessment

Once the students have logged on and started the test, I will be responsible for the following:

  • Being present during the entire assessment administration

  • Moving around the room to observe and assure that no supplemental materials are referenced

  • Maintaining a quiet environment

  • Ensuring that students are working independently

  • Documenting unusual conditions or situations that may affect students’ scores

  • Reporting any breaches of security

  • Being aware of elapsed time for the test administration and reminding students as appropriate

  • During assessment administration, test candidates are prohibited from

  • looking at another student's computer screen

  • opening another browser window

  • receiving content-related assistance from anyone.

It is critical that you avoid answering questions relative to the meaning or intent of assessment items. This is a test of individual knowledge, and each student should do his or her best to answer all questions. You should be available to answer questions regarding the navigation of the assessment system or provide help if technical difficulties arise.

If I as the proctor identify any cheating, testing irregularities, or abnormalities I will STOP TESTING and contact CTECS immediately at 404-679-4500.

Complete the form below then click the Submit button. All of the blanks must be completed.

Questions? Contact Tim Withee,, 404-994-6535 or 404-502-1535.

FADA Test Proctor Registration Form

If you are the test site administrator for more than one school, enter "various" in the "School" field.