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Partnership with CTECS

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California's Membership in the CTECS Consortium

We hope you will take advantage of the middle school or high school version of the new California Career Readiness Assessments. The California Department of Education’s Career and College Transitions Division is a member of the Career and Technical Education Consortium of States (CTECS).

CTECS is a national non-profit organization committed to program improvement in CTE. CTECS is offering complimentary career readiness assessments to initiate benchmark data and feedback on the California Standards for Career Ready Practice.

California joined the CTECS consortium in 2016. Our relationship provides an official assessment for California’s Standards for Career Ready Practice. But more than that, California has begun to target other educational programs that could substantially benefit from CTECS expertise in standards and test development. Work should begin in earnest in 2018-19.

California is developing CTE Pathway Assessments for individual industry credential. The plan is to develop an assessment in the following pathways, subject to change:

  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Performing Arts

CDE plans to start collecting credentialing/testing data in career ready practice for SY 18-19 as a part of a state three year plan for the developing college/career indicator (CCI).

CTECS is customizing formative and summative assessment data reports with California in conjunction with this three year data collection plan.