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To Begin the CCRA Testing Process 

Check with your local administration. If you need an MOU contract, please contact us.

Otherwise, get started by signing up as a Test Site Administrator and ordering test vouchers for your students. Assign a proctor. Students are given vouchers to log into E-SESS, the online testing system, to take the test. 

Instructions for Using Test Voucher Tickets 

Soon after you submit the Test Site Administrator form, you will receive an email message from with login information to access your E-SESS administrator account. Log into your account then go to Participants/Test Ticket, generate the ticket vouchers, then print them.

On testing day, students will be given test ticket vouchers by the proctor.

Once the student has the ticket, he/she must follow these steps:

  1. Write his/her first and last name on the paper test ticket.
  2. Log into the test, using the information on the ticket. Initially the students need to enter "New" as first name and "Participant" as last name. 
  3. Agree to the Honor Code.
  4. Replace the voucher code information with his/her first and last name, enter grade level and the pathway that represents the program.
  5. When the student is done taking the test, he/she should return his/her paper test ticket to the proctor. The proctor should check for printed first and last name.

These simple safeguard processes help ensure the identity of the test taker. Please email Robyn Marshall ( if you need assistance.