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California Overview

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We hope you will take advantage of the middle school or high school version of the new California Career Readiness Assessments. The California Department of Education’s Career and College Transitions Division is a member of the Career and Technical Education Consortium of States (CTECS). CTECS is a national non-profit organization committed to program improvement in CTE. CTECS is offering complimentary career readiness assessments to initiate benchmark data and feedback on the California Standards for Career Ready Practice. Links are provided at the end of this introduction that contain instructional resources to prepare for testing. Mike Vogenthaler will be leading this pilot program in Kern County.

There are two levels of participation at the local level:

  1. Test site administrators (TSAs) serve as the main point-of-contact and are responsible for completing an online Test Site Administrator Agreement form. Once submitted, CTECS will process them and TSAs will receive an email from Technology Fluency Institute (TFI) (, the parent company behind the online test system, E-SESS. Please check your email filters to allow mail from this address. Administrator logins allow TSAs to access the test system and oversee district testing and data.
  2. Teachers/Proctors are responsible for ensuring that all protocols are followed as detailed in the Proctor Guide. Proctors also receive an email from Technology Fluency Institute (TFI) (, the parent company behind the online test system, E-SESS. Please check your email filters to allow mail from this address.Teachers/Proctors use the login to produce test ticket vouchers. In some cases, coordination between the TSA and the teacher/proctor are necessary. Please note, because this is a pilot, CTECS will allow teachers to proctor their own students; however, proctors must uphold the integrity of the assessment and the test experience.

Instructions for Test Voucher Tickets by Students

CTECS provides student test ticket vouchers in the form of a student login to the E-SESS system. Students will be given the test ticket by the proctor. Once the student has the ticket, he/she must do three things:

  1. Write his/her first and last name on the paper test ticket.
  2. Log in to the test, using the information on the ticket. Once into the system, the student will need to replace the voucher code information with his/her first and last name and select grade level.
  3. When the student is done taking the test, he/she should return his/her paper test ticket to the proctor with his/her first and last name written on it. These simple safeguard processes help ensure the identity of the test taker. Please email Robyn Marshall ( for questions or help.

More about the Free Pilot Program

(Pre-Test window is open until end of calendar year, 2017; Post-Test window is open from January 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018)  Individual students are not allowed to take more than one Pre-Test and one Post-Test during the pilot year. 

Testing is in a free pilot stage for the current school year to help make improvements for next year’s expected live launch, so there is no pass/fail score in place at this time. Ultimately, these tests will provide a baseline that will help your students prove what they know about workplace expectations of all employees regardless of their specific career choices.

Test Characteristics

The middle school exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and is one hour in length. The high school assessment is 100 multiple-choice questions and is one-hour in length. Instant reporting is accessible so that you will see, by standard, how students are performing. We pride ourselves on program improvement, and these tests should create a valuable tool for helping teachers and administrators efficiently identify weaker areas of performance and adjust or strengthen instructional resources accordingly.

For help with any step, please email Robyn Marshall (

California handouts: 

CTECS has crafted a new form of the WRS Assessment tailored just for California's needs, based on California's Standards for Career Ready Practice (crosswalk provided here). That means, the assessment covers only the 12 Career Readiness Skills most valued by California.

Please contact us for more information about the pilot. Meanwhile, click here to discover more about the original Workplace Readiness Skills.