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Testing Policies, Materials, Results

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CTECS retains all information regarding this assessment, which includes all test items.

All assessment participants are using CTECS testing services and do not have any ownership over the assessment materials/items or testing platform.


Please follow all test site administrator procedures or proctor procedures, as assigned.

During assessment administration, test takers are prohibited from

  • looking at another student's computer screen
  • opening another browser window
  • receiving content-related assistance from anyone.

If the proctor identifies any cheating, testing irregularities, or abnormalities They are REQUIRED to contact CTECS immediately at 404-994-6535.


CTECS takes assessment security seriously. CTECS performs internal audits of all assessments to identify cheating, testing irregularities, or abnormalities. Any student found to be cheating will be reported to the test site administrator and automatically given a zero on the assessment. The student will then be subject to the cheating policy of the school and or school district.

Assessment Scheduling

Allow six business days between the day that you purchase the assessments and register the students, and the day that testing begins at your site.

Assessment Policy

The assessment may be taken by a student once per school year. If the students fails the assessment, the student may be registered to take up to two Retakes. (See Retake Policy).


The cost of each test is $40. One Retake is included in the $40 test charge. Any additional Retakes are $40. Test tickets are good for two years from the date of purchase.

Retake Policy

CTECS allows up to two Retakes per student per year. Retakes require a minumum 14 (calendar) day waiting period from taking the previous assessment. This minimum waiting period is also required between Retakes.


Once the test site administrator has been registered, testing can begin. The testing window is open year round. TSAs do not need to schedule a testing date with CTECS. The test, however, must take place Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m.– 6:00 p.m. (EST) to assure live technical assistance. If testing needs to occur outside of this timeframe, please call CTECS to make special arrangements.

Using the testing system does not require any software or equipment to be installed. There are four documents that must be used for testing. These documents should be downloaded at least two weeks prior to testing. The links to the documents are given below:

Each document contains the necessary information to make sure testing runs smoothly. Each document is critical and must be reviewed by the Test Site Administrator.


Once the student tests have been completed, Test Site Administrators have immediate access to the student’s test results. To access the results, Administrators must login to the website below:

Results Login Page -

If you do not have login information, contact Tim Withee at

To access the results and various reports available, use the instructions provided in this document, Using Your E-SESS Admin Account to Generate Assessment Reports.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Tim Withee at