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Test Site Administration

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Register the Test Site Administrator

Complete and submit the Test Site Administrator and Agreement form.

N​ote: Test tickets are good for two years.

Once the ordering process is complete and payment is received, you will need to register your test site and select a test site administrator. This test site administrator will be the point of contact for testing. The test site administrator's main responsibility will be to verify and generate test tickets for testing and to ensure all proctors, teachers, and students have access to the correct checklists and instructions.

A test site administrator is required for all assessments. The test site administrator will be the CTECS point of contact for testing at a given site. All data, information, and questions will go through the identified test site administrator. The test site administrator should understand the process and ultimately be responsible for ensuring that students are correctly registered and able to take the test.

Test site administrators are responsible for

  • accurately completing and submitting the Test Site Administrator Registration form and the Student Registration form
  • ensuring that the assessment site meets the basic IT requirements
  • securing the E-SESS administrator login and password
  • generating and appropriately distributing student test tickets, summative reports, and certificates
  • contacting CTECS with questions or support issues.

Based on the information submitted in the Test Site Administrator Registration form, test site administrators will be given login information and instructions for the online system to generate test tickets and reports.
After the Test

Immediate Results: Once students complete the test and click "Submit for Grading," they can immediately see their test results in a report on the computer screen. If a printer is enabled, the immediate results can be printed (recommended).

Once all testing is complete, summative reports with detailed post-test data can be generated by the test site administrator for appropriate dissemination.