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Test Characteristics

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BPS Maritime Transportation Associate - Assessment

Individuals demonstrate their understanding of the core standards, skills and knowledge through an assessment based on industry-defined standards. Specifically, the industry standards measured include:

Delivered online, the assessment contains 130 multiple choice questions. Test takers are allowed 120 minutes (two hours) to complete the assessment. A passing score of 65% (84 of 130) or above is required for certification. E-SESS provides immediate assessment scores as soon as the individual completes an assessment. Individuals who successfully pass the assessment will be sent an official certification from BPS to the test taker's home address.

Cost – $40 (includes one Retake--optional)
Test Delivery – Online browser based
Test Length – 130 multiple choice questions
Test Time Limit – 2 hours
Passing Score – 65% or higher
Retakes (up to two per year) – Each Retake can be started two weeks (14 calendar days) after the previous test. The first Retake is free. Any additional Retakes are $40.