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Policies and FAQ

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All testing for SY2018-2019 must conclude by end of day, June 7, 2019. 

The Idaho Electrical Apprenticeship Assessments

Test proctors and test site administrators are asked to follow every step of the process to ensure a positive assessment experience. 

  • See About the Tests for test characteristics.

Test Interruptions

Assessments must be completed in one, 120-minute session, unless a school emergency interrupts the testing period. If there is a test interruption and a student needs to complete the test on another day, the student must log in and finish the test within TWO (2) school days of the initial start date. Notify CTECS about the interruption on the day it occurs so that time can be added to the affected assessments. See the list below for examples of school and personal emergencies that may qualify as an interruption.

  • Fire alarms
  • Power outage
  • Safety evacuation 
  • Sudden illness of student


Not permitted at this time



General Questions

1. What is the cut score or standard for mastery?

See About the Tests

2. May teachers proctor their own students?


3. Must test proctors sign a Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form?

No, only the test site administrators sign TSA agreement forms. A test site administrator should identify and use one or more proctors. See the Proctor Guide.

4. Can teachers take the exam?

No. This could jeopardize test security. You agree to these terms when signing the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form.

5. Is there a practice test (pre-test) for this exam?

Not at this time. 

6. Will the student receive a certificate for passing this exam?

This is under construction. Check back with CTECS. 

7. Do you offer refunds or credits for this assessment?

No. However, you will only be charged for test tickets that you use.   

8. Do you offer paper/pencil tests? 


9. Are there resources available to aid in studying for this exam?

Curriculum is the responsibility of the instructors.

10. What testing accommodations are allowed for students with a disability (SWD) or limited English proficiency (LEP) students?  

None at this time

Enrollment Questions

11. May a student take the assessment more than one time?


12. How can I ensure that I receive e-mail messages regarding E-SESS login information and student enrollment?

After you submit the Test Site Administrator webform and receive your ESESS login (the testing system), an automatic email message is sent. Make sure that you can receive email from (our online test provider). Add this address to the "safe sender/never block list" in your email program or ask the IT staff to make sure that messages from this sender are not blocked. For technical difficulties during the test, call CTECS immediately (our office hours are typically M-F, 8am-4:30pm Eastern)

Administering the Test 

13. Must students click the “Save Answer” button then the “Next” button when taking the assessment?

Answers are automatically saved every three to five clicked answers, so once the answer is selected, students can click the Next button to view the next question.

14. May students begin the test, stop, then finish the test later? 

No, testing time cannot be chunked unless a school emergency interrupts the testing period. See qualifying events.

15. May students use calculators when taking the exam?

Yes, they may use the calculator provided on the assessment screen. They may choose to use a handheld, 10-function, scientific calculator as well. See About the Tests for more. 

16. How does the text-to-speech (audio) feature work?

There is no audio available at this time.

17. Do you offer retakes?

Retakes are not available at this time.