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Fully Automated Testing

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Welcome to Fully Automated Testing (FAT) with asynchronous proctoring. This is a different process than in-school testing (IST), so we will present the differences as they pertain to each step of the process. It is allowable to do Fully Automated Testing and then change and conduct in-school testing later. However, because there are differences in your responsibilities as the test site administrator, you will need to complete both sections of the TSA form (click here). There is also a pricing difference, therefore, it is important for CTECS to know when tests are to be used for Fully Automated Testing and when they are not.

The major differences include:   

  • Pricing--$35
  • Scheduling--CTECS needs to know when students are expected to test
  • Proctoring--No proctor is assigned in the Fully Automated Testing process. However, students must know that their system will video record them taking the test and will automatically flag suspicious behaviors. Flagged videos are reviewed and may result in the tests being invalidated along with other local disciplinary action.
  • Preparation--Students are expected to behave professionally the way they would in school as they take the test.  

Testing Process Overview

  1. Confirm that IT requirements are met
  2. Enroll the students (unless already enrolled)
  3. Schedule testing--Identify the day(s) when your students will test. Tests may be taken Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm EDT. The more specific you can be on testing times, the better.
  4. Confirm student checklist--students must complete the checklist to verify testing can occur.
  5. Email test tickets to students on the day of the test.
  6. Test students

Take a sample test, using the Fully Automated Testing method

Go to and enter the following information:

Org: Idaho Apprentice
First Name: Video
Last Name: Video
Password: Video