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Cost: $35 per test. 

Purchasers are invoiced for the tests that were taken during the monthly billing period.

The first step in preparing to use a CTECS assessment, is to set up an assessment purchasing account with CTECS. There are two payment options; the Purchaser's Contract  and a purchase order. The Purchaser's Contract is preferred. Please do not submit a Purchaser's Contract if you will use a Purchase Order. 

All major credit cards may be used to pay for CTECS Assessments. Please follow the procedures below to pay for assessments using a credit card.

  1. Set up your account by submitting the  Idaho Apprentice Purchaser's Contract.
  2. Request an invoice provided with a link to pay by credit card. There will be a 3 percent fee charged for each credit card transaction/invoice total. Contact Dana if you would like her to set up an ACH payment. The standard option of paying by check is still available.
  3. Call/email Dana Wilson at CTECS (404-994-6536 / to request the linked invoice or to directly process your order.

Option 1: Complete and Submit the Idaho Apprentice Purchaser's Contract. (Note: If you have a CTECS contract number issued in a previous year, you may use the same contract number. You will need to submit a Test Sie Admin Agreement for each year.) The contract must be completed by the appropriate person responsible for payment for the assessments.

Once you submit the completed contract, you will receive an email response with a contract number. The contract number is required for completing and submitting the Test Site Administrator and Student Registration forms. 

If you have questions about the contract, please contact Dana Wilson at (404-679-4501 Ext. 3543). 

Option 2: Submit a Purchase Order (PO)

One PO per school or district should be used for assessment purchases for the entire school year.

Once the PO is received and processed, a contract number will be sent. The contract number is required for test site administrator and student registration, so it should be provided to the test site administrator(s) immediately after receipt.

Please make the purchase order payable to the Career and Technical Education Consortium of States (CTECS). POs may be faxed or mailed to Dana Wilson; please do not send duplicates. Fax it to 404-492-5396 or mail it to CTECS, Attn: Dana Wilson,1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097. 

Purchasers are invoiced for the tests that were taken during the monthly billing order whatever you think your maximum enrollment will be for the test.

If you have any questions regarding billing, please contact Dana Wilson at (404-679-4501 Ext. 3543). 

 CTECS W-9 Form