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Apprenticeship Overview and Ordering

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If you are a teacher or administrator in apprenticeship programs and you are ready to test, please click on Order Vouchers to complete and submit your test site administrator form. Menu options in the left column provide duplicate or additional important details in the testing process. Preparation for the administration of testing is a multi-step experience and requires some processing time, depending on volume of requests. All costs of the following assessments are currently paid by Idaho CTE:

  • Idaho Electrical Apprenticeship I
  • Idaho Electrical Apprenticeship II
  • Idaho Electrical Apprenticeship III



1. Order Vouchers

To order test vouchers, instructors should assign themselves as test site administrators (TSAs). Do so now by clicking on this link and completing and submitting the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement form. Please also refer to TSA Guide. Shortly after the form is submitted, you will receive login information via email. The email is sent from

2. Log In to Your Administrator E-SESS Account

Go to to and use the log in information you were provided. Once in the E-SESS system, use this interface to generate test vouchers for your students and view performance reports after they test. The students will use this system to take the test. See The Administrator E-SESS Guide for help if necessary. Test Tickets are referenced on pg. 12. The Reports section begins on pg. 27. 

3. Assign Test Vouchers to Students

Logged into your E-SESS administrator account, click on Reports (left margin menu) and then Test Ticket. Filter if necessary and select the way you want the student test vouchers printed. Print and give them to the test proctor to provide to the students. Each student will have a test ticket voucher with a unique password, so do not use the same login for multiple students. Unless otherwise specified, the tickets are given as vouchers.

4. Administer the Test

A test ticket voucher should be given to each student. The information on the test ticket voucher allows the student to access and begin the test.  Follow these instructions to begin the test: 

   1. Go to

   2. Enter the information EXACTLY as it appears on the test ticket voucher in the given fields. 

   3. Click Log In when the information from the test voucher has been entered. 

   4. Click the checkbox to agree to the Honor Code, then click Edit Profile


   5. Replace New and Participant with the student's first and last name. Verify the school is correct and select the Grade and Instructor.


   6.  Click Submit. The student will begin the test. A timer displays on the screen. See About the Tests for more on the test itself, passing scores, and materials students may use during the test.

Please email Robyn Marshall ( for assistance.

TSA Responsibilities

The test site administrator

  • is the primary administrator  for all testing-related questions within any school 
  • is the point of contact for CTECS
  • must complete and submit the following forms:
  • may choose to also be the testing proctor but, if not, must appoint all proctors within the division, providing each with the Proctor Guide.
  • is the responsible authority for overseeing testing operations at any school division and ensures the division follows CTECS’ policies and procedures to the letter (see Policies)
  • ensures IT requirements are met well in advance of the test day
  • secures E-SESS administrator login and password (please avoid sharing this information with others)
  • works with the E-SESS system to generate test tickets and distribute tickets to appropriate personnel
  • ensures that all proctors, teachers, and students have information about and access to appropriate testing materials
  • generates summative reports and certificates for his/her school.

CTECS Technical Support Contacts