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New This Year!  Proctoring Type Field

There is an additional column on the student registration form this year, "Proctoring Type." If student(s) will be at school with an in-person proctor, the type should be IST (in school testing). If students will use the fully automated testing method, FAT must be in the Proctoring Type field. There is a price and process difference between the types!

Refer to this document for instructions to change the proctor type. Detailed instructions for completing each column are contained on the Instructions tab/sheet in the file itself. Refer to your state student registration pages for more specifics. Refer to your testing policies page for accommodations and other issues.

Before the test site administrator completes this stage of the process, he/she must

There are two options for enrolling students. The Instant Enrollment option is strongly preferred and used by most test site administrators. It does not require you to upload student registration forms to CTECS staff, for processing. You can import on-your-own and immediately access test tickets. For detailed instructions, refer to the CTECS Test Site Administrator Guide and especially the Using your E-SESS Administrator Account publication for detailed information and step-by-step instructions. 

If you will register students following the “former enrollment” instead of the Instant Enrollment option, follow the instructions on your state/member Student Registration page. 

Take a sample test, using the Fully Automated Testing method

Go to and enter the following information:

Org: Idaho Apprentice
First Name: Video
Last Name: Video
Password: Video