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2019 Skill #2: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

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Skill #2: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Uses sound reasoning to analyze problems, evaluate potential solutions, and implement effective courses of action

Recognizing and analyzing problems

Evaluating potential solutions and resources

Using a logical approach to make decisions and solve problems

Implementing effective courses of action

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Resources from our Partners

CTE Resource Center

Explore More Guides to Critical Thinking: Problem-Solving Handouts and Worksheets These generalized tip sheets help students walk through the problem-solving process. | Exploring Systems Theory This web-based resource explains systems theory and includes an interactive chart on applications for STEM disciplines. | Learning Mathematics through the Problem-Solving Process This is a site that shows, through video, how students can use statistics to solve problems. | Mind Tools: Decision-Making Techniques This site offers multiple, high-quality methods for making tough decisions. | Over 50 Problem-Solving Strategies Explained These are helpful pointers from the University of New England on how to solve problems. | P21’s Critical Thinking and Problem Solving List Links to critical-thinking and problem-solving resources and activities are gathered here by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning. | PBS Invent It, Build It Activity Guide This guide offers six hands-on challenges designed to get students aged 9–12 to think like inventors and engineers. | Problem Solving This article reduces the problem-solving process to four easy steps. | The Problem-Solving Process ​This site defines a formal process.

Nevada WRS Online Resources: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

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