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2019 Skill #19: Mathematics

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Skill #19: Mathematics

Applies mathematical skills to complete tasks as necessary

performing basic calculations (e.g., percentages, fractions, addition, subtraction, averages, measurement, conversions, monetary transactions)

applying mathematical processes to accomplish job-specific tasks (e.g., estimating required supplies, completing expense reports)

managing personal finance (e.g., understanding wage rates, paycheck deductions, taxes, sales receipts)

WRS Assessment

Resources from our Partners

CTE Resource Center

Break-Even Formula: Determine Profitability of Your Business This resource provides formulas for determining break-even points and profits. | Calculating Payroll Deductions Students demonstrate use of payroll forms, deductions, and the method for calculating gross and net pay. Multiple resources are attached. | Construction Math Toolbox This site features lesson plans from the Construction Center of Excellence. | Invest in Yourself This lesson provides students the opportunity to learn about budgeting and personal financial management. | Math to Build On This resource operates under the assumption that the amount of mathematics required in construction and many other jobs should not be intimidating. | Statistics: Determining Mean, Range, Median, Mode, and Probability In this activity, students work as a team to design and execute appropriate illustrations to show the mean, range, median, and mode of the data they collect. | Unplug Your Curriculum This curriculum for teachers helps students learn mathematical fundamentals of computer science, from algorithms to binary systems and logic. | Using Mathematics to Solve Problems and Communicate Lessons at this site are focused on connecting mathematics to communication skills.

Nevada WRS Online Resources: Mathematics

An online curriculum for students.

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