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2019 Skill #14: Efficiency and Productivity

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Skill #14: Efficiency and Productivity

Plans, prioritizes, and adapts work goals to manage time and resources effectively  

defining efficiency and productivity as they relate to time and resource management

developing a plan of work

differentiating between high- and low-priority tasks

adapting work goals based on time and resources

considering  resources

human (personnel)—capitalizing on strengths; respecting professional goals

capital—maintaining equipment to ensure longevity and efficiency

natural—using responsible and sustainable practices

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Resources from our Partners

CTE Resource Center

P21’s Environmental Literacy List  Links to environmental and sustainability resources are gathered here by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning.  |   Project Management Tools  From risk/impact charts to critical path analyses, this site offers a wealth of resources.  |  Protecting the Environment: At Work  These resources from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offer ideas for conserving energy and other resources at work.  |  The Effective Use of Time  By following worksheets, students can demonstrate the ability to manage time effectively.  |  Time Management—Maximizing Your Effectiveness  This site includes multiple links on how to beat work overload and achieve more at work.  |  Time-Management Tips for High School Students  Here are some tips for taking control and organizing your life.  |  Tips on Conserving Resources in the Workplace  This site includes interactive tools and resources related to conserving energy in the workplace.

Nevada WRS Online Resources: Internet Use and Security

An online curriculum for students.

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