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Assessment Overview

The Career and Technical Education Consortium of States, Inc. (CTECS) is proud to serve as the assessment provider for the Workplace Readiness Skills (WRS) for the Commonwealth Assessment. Read about CTECS' role in the Workplace Readiness Skills initiative.

The assessment counts for state-verified credit. The assessment is a 100-question-multiple choice test developed by CTECS with the Commonwealth of Virginia. Test takers will be given one hour to finish the test. The passing score is 75% or above. Test takers and test site administrators will have instant access to results as soon as test takers complete the test. If a test taker earns a 75% or high score, they will earn an official certificate. If students do not pass the WRS Post-Test, they are eligible for one attempt on the WRS Retake Post-Test. The cut-score is also 75% on the Retake.The test is delivered online and is web browser based. There is no software to install and all technical requirements can be accessed by clicking on the IT Requirements button.

Test Forms

  • Pre-Test Assessment is designed to be a practice test. Instructors and students can immediately see post-test formative feedback that will guide instruction to prepare for the Post-Test.

  • WRS Post-Test Assessment is used as a summative test with a clear standard of mastery (75%) that was affirmed using the Modifed-Angoff Cut-Score methodology. Results show competency in each skill with a comprehensive score.

  • WRS Retake Post-Test Same design and intent as the WRS Post-Test but gives students a second attempt to master the skill if mastery was not obtained on the WRS Post-Test.

Test Delivery Online browser based

NEW Sample test questions for each of the 21 WRS - 21 New WRS questions.pdf  Try the new sample test questions that give an example for each of the Workplace Readiness Skills.

All Test Lengths 100 item multiple-choice

All Test Time Limits 1 hour (The assessment must be completed in one, 60-minute sitting unless a school emergency interrupts the testing period. If the test is interrupted, the student must finish the test within 2 school days of the initial start date. Students with disabilities are allowed 60 additional minutes of to complete the test.)

Passing Score/Standard of Mastery 75% or higher

There is NO passing scorer for the Pre-test


WRS Pre-test

$7.00 per test

WRS Assessment

$10.00 per test

WRS Retake

$10.00 per test

For more information on CTECS, the test provider, visit www.ctecs.org