CTECS Assessments

CTECS is proud to offer online assessments using the E-SESS online testing system. We have tried to make the process of delivering the assessments a simple one. Please review the information below explaining the assessment process.

Test Site Administrator Information

A test site administrator is required for all assessments. The test site administrator will be the CTECS point of contact for testing at a given site.

As the test site administrator, you are responsible for

All data, information, and questions will go through the identified test site administrator. If the test site administrator is not the test proctor, he/she must designate a proctor(s) for the test at the specific site. The test site administrator should understand the process and ultimately be responsible for ensuring that students are correctly registered and able to take the test.

The Testing Process Step by Step

The testing process can be broken down into the following steps

Step #1 – Determine days/times you are going to test.
Step #2 – Secure the lab space or computers
Step #3 – Assign proctors (All proctor instruction is contained in the CTECS Proctor Guide and teachers cannot proctor their own students)
Step #4 – Test the Online E-SESS system (The information to test the system can be found in the proctor guide)
Step #5 – Deliver the assessment


In addition to the proctor guide, a how-to on using the E-SESS online testing system is provided below. This has all of the instructions and screen shots on how to use the system.

Documents to use in the assessment process

Basic IT Requirements:

Browser: The testing program is best viewed using Internet Explorer 7.0+. It is also supported in Firefox 2.0+ and Safari 4+ on the PC and Firefox 3.0+ and Safari 4+ on the Mac. Flash Player 7+ is required.

Other browsers beyond what is listed above may work, but the specified browsers are the only versions actively tested and supported. We will try to help with any other browsers or older versions, but we offer no guarantees. Bandwidth may be an issue if it’s not "dedicated." A school may have 5 T1s, but if they have 50 students in the library streaming videos, the entire pipe is going to be used. The bandwidth estimation of this requirement is based on 150–200 students simultaneously taking the test on a dedicated T1 and experiencing no delays.

Suggestion: Take a sample test at each location before students begin testing and have one or two students actually log on and take the sample test. This ensures that there are no proxy servers preventing access to the site, no software packages preventing cookies/sessions from being stored, etc.


IT Checklist for Administering CTECS Assessments.pdf

E-SESS Technical Difficulties Tips - IT staff.docx

E-SESS Technical Difficulties Tips and Solutions.docx


Questions?  Please contact CTECS by e-mail or phone.

CTECS main phone number: 800-248-7701 ext. 3543 or 404-679-4501 ext. 3543

Oregon and South Carolina assessments Tim Withee - twithee@ctecs.org  for Oregon and  South Carolina assessment
Georgia, Maine, Nevada, and Virginia assessments Ken Potthoff – kpotthoff@ctecs.org or Robyn Marshall - rmarshall@ctecs.org

For more information on CTECS, the assessment provider, visit www.ctecs.org