Maine Assessments

Welcome! This page provides the instructions for registering for and administering the Maine Assessments.


CTECS is pleased to offer a newly developed assessment for Maine CTE. The Maine Plant Systems assessment is now available as a pilot assessment. This test will undergo a field test administration in several schools in Maine and will eventually become an official end of program technical skills attainment assessment offered to program completers in Maine. There is no charge for this assessment but you must follow steps 2 and 3 below to complete the test process.

Maine Plant Systems (Pilot Assessment)

Workplace Readiness Skills*

Maine Multimedia and Small Engine Repair

WRS Pre-test WRS Assessment Maine Multi-media Technology Maine Small Engine Repair
$7.00 per test $10.00 per test $8.00 per test $8.00 per test


Begin the Ordering Process

Step 1 - Submit a Purchase Order to CTECS.


Please make payable to the Career and Technical Education Consortium of States (CTECS).


Be sure to specify the specific test title and quantity of each.


POs may be faxed, e-mailed or mailed to Dana Wilson; please do not send duplicates. Fax it to 404-492-5396 or e-mail it to or mail it to CTECS, Attn: Dana Wilson, 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097. If you have any questions, please contact Dana Wilson at (404-679-4501 Ext. 3543).


Important! Be sure the information on the PO is accurate. No refunds or credits are provided. No exceptions. You must test the students listed on the Student Registration Form (see Step 3 below). Swapping out student names is prohibited. 


If you need the CTECS W-9, please click on the link to access/save the file.  CTECS W-9 Form

Test Site Administrator and Student Registration

Step 2 - Register the Test Site Administrator

The test site administrator is the CTECS point of contact for testing at a given site. All data, information, and questions will go through the test site administrator.

Complete the form below then click the Submit button. You must agree to all terms and policies detailed below. All of the blanks must be completed.

Questions? Contact Robyn Marshall,, 404-994-6534 or Ken Potthoff,, 404-994-6538.


The CTECS Test Site Administrator Agreement and Security Policy Form is designed to protect the test taker, the organization who is administrating the test, and CTECS propriety assessment data according to CTECS consortia bylaws and policies.

CTECS Assessment Policy


Please read this Security Policy and acknowledge that you agree to the terms by typing "yes" in the box at the end of this page.

As the Test Site Administrator,

    I understand that CTECS retains all information regarding this assessment, which includes all test items.
    I understand that all assessment participants are using CTECS testing services and do not have any ownership over the assessment materials/items.
    I recognize the professional, legal, and ethical responsibility for maintaining assessment security.
    I understand that it is my responsibility to be aware of and follow procedures defined in the guides and information provided on the CTECS web site for fulfilling the role of Test Site Administrator.
    I will abide by Federal copyright law that prohibits unauthorized reproduction.
    My organization is liable for any violation of this Agreement and Security Policy by anyone involved in the test administration process.
    My organization is responsible for adhering to CTECS policies associated with the testing process.

     I understand and accept that it is entirely my responsibility to ensure that all student demographic data needed for student registrations, for testing and data accountability and reporting purposes is completely accurate.

Complete the form below and submit it to CTECS. This information will be used to register you as the Test Site Administrator in the E-SESS online testing system.  

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
I have read and agree to this assessment policy  (Enter "yes" if you agree.)



Step 3 - Register the Students

Once you have completed the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement Form, you can register students for the assessment.

Begin the process of student registration by following the steps below.

1. Save the student registration form file (Excel spreadsheet) Student Registration Form.xls You must Save the file; do NOT simply open it and enter data because the file cannot be saved.

2. Open the Excel file and complete each column of information.

    In the Assessment Name 1 column, enter one of the tests titles below, exactly as shown.

Registering Students With a Disability (SWD) - CTECS provides the following accommodations for students with disabilities who wish to take the WRS assessment:

             *This accommodation is arranged at the test site by the test site administrator or test  proctor.

3.    Title the file containing the student data.

        Name the Student Registration Form file (Excel spreadsheet) by including

    Example: ID-Smith-FranklinHigh.xls

If you upload more than one spreadsheet, please number them consecutively so that we can identify a specific file, if necessary. Example: ID-Smith-FranklinHigh1.xls

4. Upload the WRS Student Registration Form via secure socket layer (SSL).

Complete the form below, then click the Upload Files button; you will see a confirmation message indicating the files were uploaded or an error message if the files were not sent.

Test Site Administrator/Test Proctor Information


A test test site administrator is required for all assessments. The test site administrator will be the CTECS point of contact for testing at a given site.


All data, information, and questions will go through the identified test site administrator. The test site administrator should understand the process and ultimately be responsible for ensuring that students are correctly registered and able to take the test.

As the test site administrator, you are responsible for

After the Test

Testing Materials

Once the Test Site Administrator has completed and submitted the Test Site Administrator Registration and Agreement Form, testing may begin.

Using the testing system does not require any software or equipment to be installed. There are several documents that must be used for testing. These documents should be downloaded at least two weeks prior to testing. The links to the documents are given below:

 If you have selected proctors, be sure they have a copy of the Proctor Guide and the E-SESS Online Test Instructions.


WRS Test Preparation

Both instructional and curriculum material is available through the Virginia CTE Resource Center at

1. Go here:
2. Search for and click on your course.
3. Click on any of the first 21 tasks in your task list and scroll to "Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills."

If, by chance, your task list is not linked, go to a course that is and follow #3 above. These resources are the same for all our courses, but not all courses are fully developed frameworks.

Also, access the Workplace Readiness Skills Resource Repository, This new collection provides links to the research and literature that informed the WRS revision, the process milestones of bringing the new skills to implementation, and the products and statistics related to Workplace Readiness Skills.

New Sample Test

 NEW Sample Test questions for each of the 21 WRS - 21 New WRS questions.pdf  Try the new sample test questions that give an example for each of the Workplace Readiness Skills.

New Curriculum on the CTE - ESCR Website

CTECS is pleased to offer additional resources for teaching the 21 Workplace Readiness Skills. As a part of the CTECS Consortium, educators can now use this new curriculum on the CTE ESCR website. The site was designed to provide a definition of the state WRS standards. By completing the lessons, students should be able to identify the standards in various settings and be able to apply a proactive approach to improving their soft skills. Nevada adopted the twenty-one state standards for Workplace Readiness Skills from the Virginia Commonwealth.

The standards were developed and now implemented in response to the growing decline of workers demonstrating proficiency in real world soft skills. A common phrase with employers in all current job markets is Workers get hired for their technical skill and fired for their lack of soft skills. In an effort to get all students ready by exit along with passing a test in their CTE content area, as of April 2013 all high school students in Nevada must in addition to completing a Career & Technical Education program of study assessment pass a test on the twenty-one ESCR standards to receive a state certificate of attainment. This site was created to provide a definition of the standards and resources for teachers and students.

Visit the CTE - ESCR website:

Click here to watch the ESCR Lessons movie.

Basic IT Requirements


Browser: The testing program is supported on IE 9+, Firefox, or Chrome on Windows 7 and 8, or Mac.

Reporting: In some cases, in-browser reports are augmented with spreadsheet and/or PDF documents. Excel (or compatible) and a PDF reader (such as Acrobat Reader) are optional but not required.

Audio: Using the audio feature requires additional bandwidth; you may notice slower response times during testing. CTECS recommends using wired computer Internet connections. Audio is played using HTML 5 technology.

Display Properties: The testing program is best viewed at 1024 x 768 display resolution or higher. It will work at 800 x 600.

Bandwidth: The bandwidth recommendation is a T1 line for every 150 simultaneous users. The T1 may be able to serve additional students; however, student populations greater than 150 per site have not been tested and confirmed by TFI.

Memory: There are no specific requirements for the CPU, RAM, etc. If the machine will run the browser, the E-SESS application will run.

Firewalls and server settings: Be sure that the IP addresses are not blocked.

IP Information: There are 3 load balanced front end servers for (the testing site):

Images are hosted at

Sample Test

Important: Take a sample test at each location before students begin testing and have one or two students actually log on and take the sample test. This ensures that there are no proxy servers preventing access to the site, no software packages preventing cookies/sessions from being stored, etc.

To access the sample test,
1. go to
2. make the following entries into the four blanks:

Organization: virginia wrs
First Name: sample
Last Name: sample
Password: sample

3. Click Log In.
4. Check the box to agree to statements.
5. Click Begin. A couple of items will display a speaker icon; click the icon to make sure the audio is working properly. Also, at least one graphic should be visible and the timer should be visible and clearly readable.


E-SESS Technical Difficulties Tips and Solutions.docx

E-SESS Technical Difficulties Tips - IT staff.docx


Questions? back to top


If your question is not addressed in the materials provided, please contact the appropriate CTECS staff member listed below.


E-mail communication is preferred unless there are technical difficulties during testing. E-mailed information allows us to forward the details of your question/request to the appropriate person and expedites assisting you. While CTECS staff will do its utmost to respond to phone calls/messages, we cannot guarantee that your calls will result in immediate assistance.


For questions about

Policy, administration, reporting, test security, proctoring

Ken Potthoff,, 404-994-6538

Technical questions and/or issues

Robyn Marshall,, 404-994-6534


Ken Potthoff,, 404-994-6538

For more information on CTECS, visit

*The Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment used in Maine was adopted from The Commonwealth of Virginia Model for Identifying Workplace Readiness Skills and is being used with permission from the Virginia Department of Education and from the Career and Technical Education Consortium of States (CTECS) who holds the official assessment copyright and in accordance with the CTECS' Bylaws and Policies.